New Roster System for TSPSC and Other Boards Recruitments in Telangana

New Roster System for TSPSC and Other Boards or Officers Recruitments in Telangana State

NEW ROSTER SYSTEM IN TS: Roster system is the where it is an order for maintaining equilibrium in recruitment from all categories. After bifurcation of two Telugu states, new roster system should be implemented. So, new system has finalized by Telangana government and orders will be issued very soon. The old system will not continue and again it starts from point 1.

This roster system should be followed by TSPSC and  other recruitment boards/offices. According to castes SC, ST, BC, OC, PHC basis the roster system will be framed and it will be different for state level, Zonal level, district level recruitments.

In district, Zonal recruitments the roster system will be as usual because here only local candidates are recruited. Only in state level recruitments the new roster system will be followed.

Roster will be as follows:
As state subordinate issued rules for roster in 1996 in union state. These will be implemented in our TS state. According to that

Number      Caste                Sl. number   caste
1                    OC – women                  13            OC
2                     SC – women                  14            BC – C (W)
3                     OC                                 15            OC
4                     BC-A(W)                       16            SC
5                     OC                                 17            OC- W
6                     Blind- W                        18            BC- D (W)
7                     SC                                  19            OC
8                     ST- W                            20            BC- A
9                     OC                                 21            OC
10                   BC- B (W)                     22            SC- W
11                   OC                                 23            OC- W
12                   OC- W                           24            BC- B
                                                              25            ST
The next categories will continue job recruitments under different departments the 1st number (Candidate) will be OC - Women. Next the reservation will continue according to the roster.
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