TSPSC introduce Biometric Identification at Exam Centers for Job Seekers

TSPSC will introduce Biometric Identification at Exam Centers for Job Seekers and Online Supervision/Monitoring

BIOMETRIC FOR JOB SEEKERS: A hero attempts the exam instead of heroine, this is the scene which we may see in movies and enjoys a lot. In real life also we may see one writing exam instead of others due to many problems like health, lack of preparation. But they may not think a while how others lose their life if that ineligible candidate select for job.

As recruitments in new govt should be clear and transparent, this is the policy of this government. So, they are implementing many new systems which are very absolute for the accurate and eligible candidates.

In that type of implementation only biometric system in exams of jobs is one it is the new system, not only this supervising exam centres through online where unfortunate incidents not to happen. If so to rectify them immediately. So, at the application time only they are asking Aadhar number. As we know by OTR(One Time Registration) 2 lakh members applied till now in TSPSC website.

Officials are thinking to introduce the biometric at exam centres. If the finger prints are same at exam time & the  finger prints taken at the time of issuing Aadhar card, then only the candidates are allowed to write exams. Also commission team visited districts and decided the  centres which are safe. They will supervise/inspect the centres through online from hyderabad. They will not allow even watches to the exam halls.

The question paper consists questions are same but their serial number varies. Those who want to copy cannot do that. In interviews also they will see that happens in pure transparent way.
So, guys don’t believe and depend on other worth. Believe your hard work, increase your confidence. There is no short cut success. So, work hard and reach your goal. The profits which are gained in right way gives more satisfaction.
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