Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools | Digital Classes Schedule for TS Schools

Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools

TS Smart Schools,TS DigiSchools, TS DigiClasses, eSmart Schools, eSmart Classes, TS Digital Lessons, Digital Classes, Wi-Fi Schools, eSchools, eContent, Digital Lessons in TS Schools: Before letters are the only way to communicate farther places, later on, as technology is growing the way of communication also changed and made easier. As there is a rapid growth in technology from letters, them telegrams, land phones, E- mails, mobile phones etc. The graph of technology is always increasing. But increased/developed technology is away from rural children (people). Telangana Smart Schools

Digital Lessons,TS Smart Schools

As the technology is necessary for all the children, the rural children are unable to handle this technology. So, to make the teaching process more impressive on the child TS govt is going to implement digital lessons in govt schools.

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SCERT director Mr.Chiranjeevulu discussed with officials on computer education, Digital lessons. The govt teachers of Karimnagar prepared lessons of environmental education for 4th and 5th classes. Education department is doing exercise on the lessons of remaining classes.Under “Digital India” 10 schools for each district will be selected and these lessons will be taught.

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Corporate institutions will(teach) Sponsor this education in these schools. They only frame lessons, trains the teachers. Already 2,157 schools are there with internet connection, so in these schools digital lessons will be taught. In these schools 450 schools are already with projectors. Along with these training teachers are going to be trained on spoken English for 6 months. By this teachers in govt schools may teach easily English & digital classes.

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TS Digital Lessons Transmission Schedule by T SAT 'Vidya' Channel 
TS Digital Classes Schedule - TS Digital Lessons Schedule

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