Rc.25 Transfers Clarifications on Merged Schools,Surplus Teachers,Vacancy Display

RC.25  Clarifications about AP Teachers Transfers on Merged Schools, Utilization of Surplus Teachers, Vacancy Display and Date of Submission of application

Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
R.C.No.25/Estt-3/2015  Dated:16-09-2015;RC.25  Clarifications about AP Teachers Transfers on Merged Schools, Utilization of Surplus Teachers, Vacancy Display and Date of Submission of application

School Education-Rationalization/Transfers- Headmasters and Teachers-instructions-Issued-Reg.

1.G.0.Ms.No.63 Edn  (Ser.II)  Department, dated:3l-08-2015
2.G.O.Ms.No.66 Edn  (Ser.II)  Department, daled:O2-09-2015    
3.This office Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-III/2015,date:08-09-2015
4.This office Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-III/2015,date:09-09-2015
5.This office Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-III/2015,date:10-09-2015
6.Video conference held on 11.09.2015 and 11.09.2015          
7.This office Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-III/2015,date:12-09-2015                


1. In continuation of the instructions / Guidelines, read above, all the Regional Joint Directors of
School Education and District Educational Officers in the state are informed that many of the teacher
Associations and Teachers have requested for extension of time for the online applications for the Transfer web counselling .

2. They have also requested to display all vacancies,identification of surplus Teachersetc,.

3. The implications of displaying all the vacancies in the upper primary Schools/ High Schools and utilization of surplus teachers after Transfer counselling is explained to the associations and they agreed for the same.

4. After considering the issues the following instructions are issued for compliance:

S.No            Issue Instructions
  1. To extend the date for submission of application for Transfer through online. The last date for submission of application for transfer through online. (Revised schedule is being issued separately)
  2. To display all the existing vacancies in Upper Primary Schools and High Schools as the rationalization exercise in the above schools is not taken up during this year
  • It was instructed to display the need based vacancies for transfer.
  • As it was decided not take up rationalization exercise for Upper Primary schools and High Schools, all the vacancies in the Upper Primary Schools and High Schools should be displayed.
  • After completion of transfer exercise, if need is not established in the transferred school, such teacher will be adjusted to the schools where there is requirement on work adjustment bases till the end of the academic year. This should be brought to the notice of all the teachers.
  • It may be noted that, teachers transferred during this year, if effected under rationalization in the next academic year shall have to opt for other schools as per need.
  3. Utilization of surplus teachers After transfer counseling, after assessing the additional requirement, surplus posts / teachers will be provided to ensure school level and class level Teacher Pupil Ratio and for strengthening academic Monitoring. For Example:
  1.  For upgraded UP schools (VIII class) where enrollment justifies allocation of additional teachers.
  2. For High Schools where the class strength is over 50 students.
  3. Providing of academic monitoring support to Mandal Educational Officers / Deputy Educational Officers.
  4. Deputation to DIETs/ CTEs as per requirement, etc.,
  4. Teachers in Merged Schools
  1. 1. In case of the Merged Schools (i.e. after consolidation with a Model Primary School or with positively consolidated schools), the Posts in such schools may be shifted to needy schools as per requirement.
  2. The persons working in such posts / persons should be transferred under rationalization as per norms.
  3. For the above purpose, the posts / Junior Teacher from the less enrollment schools to more enrollment schools shall be identified as surplus, in case the Senior willing to go he/ she may be transferred.

Rc.25 Dated:16-09-2015 AP Teachers Transfers Clarifications
AP Teachers Transfers Rationalization Information


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