TS Model School ANM Duties | Model School ANM JOB Chart

TS Model School ANM Duties/JOB Chart

TS Model School #ANM #Duties, Telangana Model School ANM JOB Chart, TSMS ANM Duties and Job Chart,RMSA Telangana instructions and guidelines; The Director Of School Education And Ex-Officio Project Director, RMSA, Telangana Hyderabad has given the instructions and guidelines to all TSMS ANMs for Smooth functioning of Model School's Girls Hostels

TS Model School ANM Duties, ANM JOB Chart

1) She is the in charge of the health clinic and she has to work to improve hygienic conditions in the hostel.
2) Her duty is of emergency in nature round the clock, hence shall be available and reside in the hostel.
3) She has to act according to the advice of the school consulting doctor and issue medicines to the sick girls.
4) She should maintain the stock and issue registers of medicines.
5) She should maintain the health record of the students and assist the consulting doctors at the time of medical inspection.
6) She should prepare indents for the purchase of medicines and get the approval of school doctor and submit them to the Principal.
7) She has to take up the Health Education Classes as and when allotted to her by the Principal.
8) She has to pay special attention towards the sick girl(s) and accompany them during the time of hospitalization in emergency cases and inform their parents.
9) She has to supervise the cleanliness and hygienic conditions at kitchen, dining hall and toilets every day and shall see that rotten/spoiled items shall not used in cooking.
10) She should look after all the needs of the sick children and arrange for proper diet.
11) She has to cooperate with the Principal and discharge any duty entrusted to her by the Principal for smooth and efficient functioning of the hostel.
12) She shall maintain student wise monthly menstrual details. In case of any serious Gyeanic problem shall be referred to Doctor for treatment.
13) She shall supervise study hours as per the time table given along with Hostel Caretaker.
14) She shall maintain student wise health record and growth chart indicating the seasonal/frequently occurring health issues.

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