TS SSA Every Quality Related Guidelines,Materials must Reach the Teachers

TS SSA Every Quality Related Guidelines, Materials must Reach the Teacher

SSA Warangal, Rc.no.176, Ensuring a mechanism so that Every Quality Related Guidelines must Reach the ultimate implementer/Teachers at Ground Level, TS SSA guidelines, instructions, Proceedings, Proformas, materials,MRC, School complexes

Every Quality Related Guidelines, Materials, Teachers

Proc Rc.No.176/ AMO/ SSA / Wgl/ 2015; Date: 07.09.2015

Subject: SSA, Warangal - Pedagogy Wing - Ensuring a mechanism so that every quality related guidelines must reach the ultimate implementer at ground level i.e., teacher - Reg.

Reference:1. Proceedings of the State Project Director, SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad vide Proc. Rc. No. 2052/SSA/ T6/2015, Date: 21.08.2015.

All the Mandal Educational Officers and school complex Headmasters are informed that, it is observed that the schools are not receiving guidelines, instructions, proformas, materials etc., send by the DPO, SSA, Warangal. In this regard, there is a need to develop a procedure so that every quality related aspect finally should reach the teacher. The importance behind this is when SPO sends the guidelines which are to be implemented by school head and school teachers, if they do not have the entire copy of guidelines with them many important aspects may miss causing partial success of the purpose.

At present the guidelines which we sent the soft copies are reaching to MRC level. Since, school complexes and schools do not have computers and internet connection these soft copies are not reaching to school levels which are framed very meticulously by SPO DPO, there is a communication gap from MRC to school complex and school complex to the school point.

Therefore, the MEOs and the school complex HMs are requested to develop a mechanism so that every school must receive a hard copy of each guidelines or proceedings sent by DPO. The following points can be considered for implementation to its successful operation.

1. Soft copies of every guidelines must reach to every complex, HM, teachers, if they have Internet facility or email id.
2. The concerned MEO and school complex HM shall take the responsibility in communicating the orders and guidelines to every school under their jurisdiction.
3. School HM should circulate the guidelines copy to every teacher. This one hard copy in the school can do the purpose or it should be displayed in the staff room.

So once again these aspects shall be considered on the implementation of above said mechanism for the effective implementation and increasing the quality aspects in our schools.
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