TSSA U-DSIE Guidelines, Financial Norms for Conduct of UDISE 2015-16

TSSA Guidelines, Financial Norms for Conduct of UDISE 2015-16

SSA Telangana has given Certain instructions and Guidelines for conduct of UDISE 2015-16 and Calendar of activities have been issued to all the District Officials for Collection U-DISE Data for 2015-16. In this regarding financial norms have been issued.

Guidelines,Financial Norms,UDISE

Proc.Rc.N o.3215/SSA/MIS/f7/2015, Date: .09.2015

Subjec: SSA,Telangana, Hyd. - Planning & MIS- UDISE 2015-16 - Guidelines and Calendar of activities for conduct of UDISE 2015-16 -
Communicated- Reg.

All the Project Officers of ISSA and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the work of UDISE 2015-16 has commenced from 10th September, 2015 and will go up to 31st December 2015 as per the Guidelines and Calendar of activities enclosed to this Proceedings.

Therefore, they are requested to go through the guidelines scrupulously and conduct UDISE 2015-16 within the scheduled time and accurately. This has got the approval of the State Project Director, TSSA, Hyderabad.

Guidelines for UDISE 2015-16:
a) A suitable accommodation shall be identified for data entry work
b) A generator shall be arranged
c) At least 20 to 30 computers shall be arranged at district headquarters for data entry work to complete within scheduled time.
d) It shall be ensured that each data entry operator has to complete at least 30 forms per day.
e) One MRG / MIS / CRP of the concerned mandal shall present at the time of data entry work.
f) Printing of UDISE 2015-16 DCF can be taken in two parts part-I software & DCF part-II from printing press.
g) The DCF forms of all the high schools / higher secondary / Jr. Colleges may be sent to RMSA wing of DEO offices.
h) The District ASO / APO / persons involved in DISE shall supervise the entire process of data entry work and they may be given data and exclusivity for UDISE.
i) The budget for all these activities may be utilized from approved budget AWP&B 2015-16 (Management Cost)
j) DCF should be filled by concerned school HM with the help of one or two teachers and 100% scrutiny should be done by School Complex HM and CRP. School HM / School Complex HM / CRP are held responsible for any incorrect data provided in DCF.
k) Similarly 25% scrutiny should be done by MEO / Dy.EO in respect of Primary and UP schools / High schools respectively. They are held responsible for the incorrect data of 25% of DCFs.
l) 5% scrutiny is to be taken by PO / DEO. Action will be initiated against person concerned for improper filling and scrutiny of data at different levels.
m) Data Entry Operators / Mandal MIS Coordinators are held responsible for the correct entry of DCFs of their respective mandal. ASO / APO /MIS Coordinator has to certify that the data entry is correct and has to ensure that errors are removed by running inconsistency checking and validation. Operators have to be paid honorarium after duly confirming that the data is error free.

Financial Norms:
Sl. No. Item Financial norm Schedule dates
1. TA to the Data Entry Operators Actual Bus / Train Fare (TO & Fro)
2. Honorarium to the Data Entry Operators Rs.250/- per day 10.09.2015 to 31.12.2015
3. Food charges Rs.150/- per participant per day
4. Refreshments Rs.20/- per participant per day
5. Honorarium to the District ASO / APO / MIS Coordinator Person involved in DISE Rs.300/- per day
6. Food charges to the District ASO / APO / Person involved in DISE Rs.150/- per day
7. Contingency Rs.2000/- for entire programme
8. Honorarium for Technical Person Rs.3000/- for entire programme
9. Honorarium for Plg. & MIS Coordinator for overall Supervision of Data Entry Rs.5000/- for entire programme
The assistance of Technical person may be taken if required
10. Generator and fuel charges Rs.5000/- for entire programme / actual whichever is less (if required)
11. TA and DA to the mandal verification teams As per APTA Rules

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