TS SSA Instructions for Uploading of 1st Quarter QMT, QMT Formats, QMT Data Capturing

Instructions for QMT Data Capturing and Uploading

Instructions for Completion and Uploading of 1st Quarter QMT,Formats and QMT Data Capturing:  Instructions to MEOs for completion of 1st quarter of QMT and commencement of data capturing of QMT from the schools and uploading of data through online for 1st quarter by 15th September, 2015

TS SSA Instructions,QMT Data Capturing, QMT Data Uploading

Proc.Rc.No.175/B2/SSA/Wg1/2015,Date: 07.09.2015

Subject: SSA, Warangal - Instructions to MEOs for completion of 1st quarter of QMT and commencement of data capturing of QMT from the schools and uploading of data through online for 1st quarter by 15th September, 2015 - Reg.

1. Proceedings of the State Project Director, SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad vide Proc. Rc. No. 3129/SSA/ T6/ 2015, Date: 04.09.2015.

All the Mandal Educational Officers in the District are informed that the Quality Monitoring tools have to be executed at different levels from school point, cluster level, mandal level, district level and at state level. The basic data has to be gathered from every school and got to be consolidated at different levels along with the observations of the Officers at different levels.

The Mandal Educational Officers in the district are instructed to follow the instructions.
1.  The MEOs, H.Ms and CRPs to use the revised online monitoring format during school visits and the same may be uploaded through online. The revised online monitoring format may be sent to all above said personnel and to upload in their mandal websites.

2.  Complete the process of capturing and uploading of Quality Monitoring Tools (QMT) of the first quarter immediately and to give instructions to all the school HMs and School complex HMs to finish the data capturing through School Monitoring format for 1st quarter i.e., of period 1st June to 31st August 2015, and uploading the same through online. The entire process of collection of data from the school point and uploading the formats including Cluster monitoring format and Mandal monitoring format shall be completed by 15th September, 2015.

3. In Part-B of SMF, the grading of children assessment of classes VI to VIII has been changed from '5' point to '8' point scale. Accordingly the data collecting of children assessment (F.A I) and data entry shall be made at Mandal level.

4. The Mandal Educational Officers and the school complex HMs shall undertake the sample check of 10% of schools on the data furnished by the respective schools during the visit to the schools for every quarter and validate the data. If there is discrepancy in the data and in reporting the facts, the Mandal Educational Officers instructed to seek the explanation from the concerned HMs and teachers.

5. Further the MEOs and School complex HMs have to conduct the review meetings with the School HMs based on the information provided by the Schools through SMF of QMT for every quarter. After the completion of uploading QMT, all the MEOs and complex HMs at their levels shall conduct the review meetings in the month of September based on the first quarter report as per following schedule

Sl. No Time schedule Level Participants
1. 3rd week of September, 2015 School Complex Level by School complex HM HMs of Primary,         UP and Secondary   of attached schools of school complex
2. 1St week of October, 2015 Mandal level by MEO All HMs of Primary, UP and Secondary schools including School complex HMs

Therefore, the Mandal Educational Officers in the District are instructed to follow up the review meetings conducted at respective levels of the first quarter, the concerned Officers shall send the reports along with the follow up action and setting of targets for improvement and shall be communicated to the next level officer and a copy marking to DPO for information.

1. SMF-Part A - Download
2. SMF-Part B & C -Download
3. CMF  - Download
4. MMF - Download
5. SMF Part B-Aadhaar Friendly-Profile - Download

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