Early Literacy Padhe Bharath - Bade Bharath Programme 2016 Instructions

Follow up instructions to all participants of 5 Day workshop on Early Literacy

Early Literacy Padhe Bharath - Bade Bharath Programme Instructions: In the context of Padhe Bharath - Bade Bharath (PB-BB) programme, all, class I and II teachers, DIET lecturers and others who participated in the 5 day work shop, conducted at TSIPARD(APARD) from 26th September to 30th September 2015, shall follow the guidelines given earlier to implement PB-BB and also to implement the strategies discussed, and the action plan prepared by the group/individual in the said workshop.

Early Literacy,Padhe Bharath - Bade Bharath Programme, RWM Programme
Early Literacy Programme from 26-30 Sept 2015
Proc.R.Co.No:3317 /SSA/T6/2015; Date:6-10-2015
Subject: TSSA, SPO, Hyderabad- Pedagogy wing-- Follow up instructions to all participants who attended the 5 day work shop conducted by NCERT in collaboration with RIE, Mysore and SSA, Telangana on capacity building of Telangana State SSA/SCERT/DIET faculty in the various dimensions of Early Literacy from 26-30 Sept 2015 -Reg.

The attention of District Education Officers, Project Officers and Principals of DIETs in the state are invited to the subject cited above and informed that NCERT, New Delhi, organized a 5-day workshop in collaboration with Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Mysore, with the objective of the capacity building of Telangana State SSA/SCERT/ DIET faculty in the various dimensions of Early literacy from 26-30 Sept 2015.

In this regard this office would like to send follow up instructions to all the participants through your good offices. In the context of Padhe Bharath -Bade Bharath (PB-BB) programme, all participants of the workshop (class I and II teachers , SRGs, DIET lecturers and tutors) who attended the 5 day work shop shall follow the guidelines given earlier and to implement the follow up instructions issued by this office along with these orders in their respective workplaces or by adopting the nearby schools.
In this regard you are requested to draw attention on the said guidelines and follow up instructions and send them to all participant teachers and to DIET lecturers and tutors through proceedings.
The DEOs and DPOs are requested to give necessary instructions to the MEOs, school complex HMs and Primary and UP school HMs to implement the programme effectively by instructing them to take up the following activities for classes I and II.

Apart from the guidelines, teachers need to emphasis on

1. Starting the day with "Aaj ki Baath". Asking children to tell in one or two sentences about what they did in the previous day.
2. Establishing reading corners in I and II classes.
3. Creating word wall and updating the word wall regularly. Word wall should be at children's eye level.
4. Teacher should tell the story and involve children in reciting them. Make children tell the story on their own.
5. Children's names and birthdays must be displayed on a chart in the class room.
6. A prior target should be designed by the teacher (fixing a particular target for one week or fifteen days and concentrating on children to achieve that particular aspect) and a check list should be maintained for self evaluation.
7. Provision of print rich material in the classrooms of I and II.
8. Implementation of action plan prepared by group/ individual.
9. Lecturers of DIETs and Resource persons, Who are not handling classes I and II, should adopt 3, 4 primary schools and guide and monitor them on implementation of Padhe Bharath-Bade Bharath programme following the aspects of 5- day workshop on early literacy.

All the participants must come with rich experiences of implementing the workshop knowledge, the challenges and the betterment plans for the second round work shop which will be conducted by NCERT again in the month of November, 2015.

Early Reading,Writing, Mathematics Programme Guidelines under Padhe Bharath Bade Bharath

Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat Early Reading, Writing and Early Mathematics Programme
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