NEP VII.Promotion of ICT Systems in School and Adult education

NEP VII.Promotion of ICT Systems in School and Adult education

NEP/New Education Policy VII. Promotion of Information and Communication Technology systems in school and adult education. ICT can potentially make significant difference in improving the quality of education. Most of the secondary schools have limited availability of computer facilities. This constrains the students from acquiring ICT-related skills essential in the knowledge economy and limits teachers’ ability to upgrade their subject-matter knowledge and students’ ability to access essential learning materials.

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The National Policy of ICT in School Education envisions and provides for the development of a holistic framework of ICT support in the school system. Mission Mode Project (MMP) on School Education would enable comprehensive technology enablement of the school education sector.

 This would cover Developing ICT skills of all heads of schools, teachers, non-teaching staff and students; Creating a repository of quality-assured digital contents in English, Hindi and regional languages in all subjects especially in science and mathematics; Training and encouraging teachers to develop and use e-content; Creating provisions for ICT in classrooms or portable facilities and a projector with rechargeable battery, and implement ICT-integrated education; Enabling provision of ICT-integrated examination and e-governance at the institutional and systemic level including setting up of education portals.

While there have several ways in which ICT in schools are being implemented, we need to optimally use and leverage technology to achieve quality and efficiency in all of the interventions.

  • What are the usual problems faced by schools while implementing ICT integration?
  • Are they viable solutions in dealing with general issues?
  • What are the different experiences of States in this regard?
  • What are the ways in which technology can be leveraged for both school and adult education and share best practices, if any.
  • How can we genuinely ascertain that ICT components are functional in schools , particularly in States with challenges i.e. infrastructure especially electricity?
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