NEP IX.Schools standards, School assessment and School Management Systems

NEP Theme IX. Schools standards, School assessment and School Management systems and Questions

NEP/New Education Policy theme IX. Schools standards, School assessment and School Management systems: There is a need to put in place a School Quality Assessment and Accreditation System to cover all aspects of school functioning, including scholastic and co- scholastic domains, physical infrastructure, faculty management, school leadership, learning outcomes and satisfaction of pupils and their parents/ guardians.

NEP Theme,Schools standards, School assessment,School Management systems

Better governance structures in schools striking a balance between mandating and persuading, training of district and block-level education officers as well as head teachers for better management practices, on using data to better monitor and support school performance, and to mobilise community resources and efforts to improve school performance. The local community and panchayats are not very often actively involved in school management. While Village education Committees /School Management Committees are formed in most villages, many of them do not function effectively. It is generally believed that the village schools will function effectively only when the local community is active and participates in the functioning of the schools.

  • What are the ways to improve community participation in school management?
  • What should be the role of the Panchayat in the management of the schools?
  • How can we implement a assessment and accreditation system in schools ?
  • What are performance indicators for grading schools?
  • What are the current experiences and how can they be bettered to achieve tangible results.
  • Is there a case for revamping the role of education officers in districts, blocks etc., to become in charge of school development and improvement in school?
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