NEP X. Enabling Inclusive Education - Education of Girls and Children with special needs

NEP theme X.Enabling Inclusive Education - education of Girls, SCs, STs, Minorities and children with special needs.

NEP Theme X. Enabling Inclusive Education – education of Girls, SCs, STs, Minorities and children with special needs: The issue of social access and equity are far too complex. While the gaps in average enrolments between disadvantaged groups like SC, ST, Muslims, girls and Children with special needs and the general population have decreased, there is still a considerably large gap in learning levels with historically disadvantaged and economically weaker children having significantly lower learning outcomes. Large and growing learning gaps threaten the equity gains achieved on the enrolment front because children with lower levels of learning are more likely to drop out.

NEP themes, Enabling Inclusive Education,Education of Girls,Children with special needs

In order to increase the participation of girls and other special category children, specific interventions are being made. There is a need to examine current interventions in bridging the gender and social gaps and identify focused strategies for effective inclusion.

With the adoption of Right to Education and enormous expansion of the system, access to school education has become near universal. However, children from certain sections of the population remain unable to benefit fully from the education system despite several special measures.
Many girl children are not sent to schools and even those you complete primary levels are not sent to pursue their studies at the secondary levels and colleges.

  • How do we ensure full participation of the marginalized groups in schooling, particularly for children belonging to SC, ST and minority groups?
  • What measures should be taken to make our educational institutions truly inclusive facilitating the participation of differently abled children with special needs?
  • In your view to what extent has RTE helped to ensure participation of children, especially from disadvantaged families, in schools?
  • Why do parents not send their girls to school?
  • What measures should be adopted by the Government to bring girls to schools?
  • How could we mobilise community support to bring all girl children to schools?
  • By excluding minority establishment from RTE what are the pitfalls?
  • Are there any traditional skill sets which need to be encouraged in tribal areas?
  • What special skill sets and financial and legal literacy components can be imbibed in girl/ woman’s education?
  • How can Language challenges be identified and what solutions are possible?
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