Swacchatha in Schools(Cleanliness of Schools)Programme Starts From 1st October, 2015

One month Swacchatha in Schools(Cleanliness of schools) Programme Started From 1st October, 2015

Rc2315: Swacchatha in Schools -Swachh Patashala programme: TSSA, Telangana, SPD has given the Proc.Rc.No.2315 on 28-9-2015 for Conduct of activities in October month under Swachha Patashala programme as suggested by Govt.of India under Swacchatha in Schools Programme. An Action Plan has been given on Implementation of Swasthh Programme for October, 2015 Under Swachh Patashala. Swacchatha in Schools Programme day wise activities have been prepared and it will be conducted from October 1st to 31st, 2015 under Swachh Patashala - WASH activities and it will be an extension to Swachh Patashala -Wash in School Programme

Swacchatha in Schools, Cleanliness of Schools, Swachh Patashala

Proc. Rc. No. 23151SSA/T6/2015, Dated:22.09.2015.
Subject: SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad - Conduct of activities in October month under Swaccha Patishala programme as suggested by Govt. of India under Swacchatha in Schools Programme - Reg.

All the District Educational Officers and the Project Officers of SSA in the state are informed that the Government of India is launching a month long programme called `Swachhatha' in Schools' (Cleanliness of schools) from October 1st 2015. This day could be named as Swachhata day' and the month long progrmme called `Swacchatha in Schools' programme.

'Swacchatha in Schools'/Cleanliness of Schools Programme Objective:
The objective of the programme is to conduct activities for one month for bringing maintaining cleanliness and improving the ambience of the schools.
-  Painting of the walls,
-  Cleaning of toilets,
-  Dusting of class rooms,
-  Maintaining good furniture, and
-  Overall cleanliness of the schools will be taken up as part of this programme.

Swachhatha in Schools Programme to be held in 2 Levels:
The one month programme will be held at two levels in each state at district level and block/Mandal level.
Competition Programme for Best Schools:
A competition programme for best schools in the state will be held through which they will identify two best schools in each block/ Mandal as well as in each district and these schools will be awarded. Finally even at the State and then National levels, the best Schools will be identified and awarded. These are applicable only to the government schools irrespective of level of school.

Separate Booklet:
The schools will have to upload the photos, themes, video documentation about their programmes on Swachh Vidyalaya in the website (Website address: mhrd.govin/swachh-vidyalaya-abhiyan). The schools may have separate booklet to register the activities of swachh patashala programme conducted in this month.

Although the programme is meant for one month, but as there is short term vacation from 10th October to 25th October, 2015 for the schools, for the remaining working days, this programme may be observed in the schools. A week wise schedule of activities is prepared for the working days of the school for the month October, 2015 and also the activities at home during vacation have to follow the schedule strictly.

Therefore the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of SSA m the state are requested to organize the said programme in the month of October, 2015 in all the schools as per the schedule & the action plan. Further it is requested to communicate the action plan and action plan to the MEOs, Dy.E.Os and H.Ms of all schools for effective implementation.

#Rc.2315: Swacchatha in Schools(Cleanliness of Schools)Programme

#Swachha Patashala in Schools Programme Day wise Activities for October 2015
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