School,Home,Mandal Level Activities under Swachha Patashala-WASH Activities in AP

Swachha Patashala WASH in School Programme School, Home and Mandal Level Day wise Activities in AP in October 2015

Swacchatha in Schools(Cleanliness of Schools)Programme Starts From 1st October, 2015:
C and DSE AP has given the Memo.No.2315 on 29-9-2015 for Conduct of activities in October month under Swachha Patashala programme as suggested by Govt.of India under Swacchatha in Schools Programme. An Action Plan and Certain instructions have been given on Implementation of Swasthh Programme for October, 2015 Under Swachh Patashala. School, Home and Mandal Level Day wise Activities have been prepared and it will be conducted from October 1st to 31st, 2015 under Swachh Patashala - WASH activities and it will be an extension to Swachh Patashala -Wash in School Programme.

Swachha Patashala, WASH Activities,AP Schools

AP Memo.No.1 Swachh Patashala- WASH Activities-School Health Programme in AP schools Certain Instructions, Office Of The Commissioner & Director Of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Circular.Memo.No.1/ CSE/Swachh Patashala/WASH/2015 Date:29-09-2015.

Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P, Hyderabad -Observation of Swachh Patashala -
WASH Activities - School Health Programme - Certain Instructions Issued - Reg.

1. MHRD, Govt. of India, Video Conference Action Plan for various activities, dt.28-09-2015.
2. Memo.No.59540/Prog.11/ A1/2015, dt.24-09-2015.


Attention is invited to the subject & references cited above. As an extension to Swachh Patashala - WASH activities in School, #Cleanliness Month will be observed from 1st October to 31st October, 2015.

All DEOs are the nodal officers at District Level and MEOs at Mandal Level for Swach Patashala. Head Masters at each school will be the Coordinators of the program at School Point. Nodal person at the School Point will be School Health Coordinators (PDs, PETs and Science Teachers who are already identified).

The activities to be undertaken for Swachh Patashala will be under the following Major Heads:
A. School Level Activities: 1st to 10th October 2015 & 26th to 31st October.
B. Home Level: 11th to 25th October, 2015 (During Short Term Vacation).
C. Community Level: 11th to 25th October, 2015 (During Short Term Vacation)

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Read more: WASH in School Programme
#Swatchh Patashala Pledge for AP Schools

All the DEOs are instructed to further instruct all the MEOs, Head Masters and School Health Coordinators at school points to conduct the following activities in schools as per the schedule given below for the students from 1st class to 10th class in all Govt/ Aided institutions.

The activities indicated are only suggestive and HMs can take up any other activity/ event which promotes cleanliness and Swach Patashala objective at their

School Level Activities
Responsible Person/Remarks
1. a) Pledge taking by all Teachers,Students and Non teaching Staff in the Morning Assembly.
b) Talk on Personal Hygiene and School Hygiene

3rd October
Pledge should be administered by Headmaster or School Health Coordinator of each School during the Morning Assembly (Ann-1).
Chinnari Doctors and HM/School health Coordinator
2. a) Formation of Childrens Cabinet
b) Slogan Writing /reciting Competition for students on Hygiene and Sanitation
3rd October Health Coordinator and Social Teacher
All teachers of the school
3. Clean Classroom campaign Min 1 hr to Max 2 hrs 5th October All students and Teachers' will clean the classrooms to promote hygiene and dignity of labour.
4. Painting/ Drawing/Collage work on Cleanliness and Hygiene by students. 6th October HM/School Health Coordinators. Funds from School grant can be utilised for conducting the competition. All paintings need to be stored for purpose of inspection.
5. Swachh Patashala cleaning campaign Min 1 hr to Max 2 hrs Cleaning of School premises such as play ground, hand wash facility, toilets,disposal of waste materials, Dining of Soak Pits replacement of broken mugs & buckets and so on. 7th October All students, Teachers and non teaching staff. HM/School Health Coordinators should identify the places in schools for cleaning and allot to different classes.
6. Beautification of School such as -white washing, wall painting, slogan writings on walls, Plantation of
Saplings and so on
8th October All students, Teachers and non teaching staff. HM / School Health Coordinators shouldactively take up those activities.

7. Assigning of project works for vacation and Home level Activities 9th Otober All teachers should allot and assign small projects related to WASH.
8. Film Show on Cleanliness 26 th October Identified Short fins will be sent to DEOs.
9. Conduct of Gram Sabha/Mock Assembly by student Cabinets. 27th October Invite Local Elders for the mock assembly session.
10. Personal Hygiene Day - Aarogya Club Members should reinforce good habits such as cutting nails, hair grooming, bathing and dental hygiene etc. 28th October HM and School Health Coordinator
11. Elocution/Essay writing/ Debate/ Quiz programs on Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sanitation. 29th October HM/School Coordinator and Teachers
12. Cultural Programs singing, Dance,skit and drama Competetion at each school. 30th and 31st October HM and Other Teachers

The Headmasters and School Health Coordinators should take appropriate measures for encouraging children, to Clean home, surroundings, water storage units at home, clean their books shelves, cover the books during the vacation.

The Head Masters and teachers should encourage children to take up activities such as cleaning marsh ponds, advocate for a dry day, advocating for construction of IHSL, Rally on WASH, Survey in the habitation on water, sanitation and hygiene habits at community level.

During vacation, SMC Members may monitor the community level activities. On return from the vacation the school students may write an Essay / Project on cleanliness activities initiated and involved during vacation. The best Essays /Projects may be mailed for documentation .

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