AP MPEOs(Horticulture) Duties and Responsibilities

AP MPEOs (Horticulture) Duties and Responsibilities

GO.792-Government of Andhra Pradesh, Agriculture and Cooperation (H&S) Department has given permission for appointment of Twelve Hundred (1200) Multi Purpose Extension Officer (Horticulture) and AP MPEO Posts Recruitment Guidelines and Duties have been given in this subject. Duties and Responsibilities Of Multi Purpose Extension Officers (Horticulture)
as follows
1. MPEOs (Horticulture) shall reside in the cluster head quarters as decided by the District

2. Shall work under the direct control of Horticulture Officers.

3. Should sensitize the farmers on different issues related to Horticulture crops.

4. MPEOs (Horticulture) should assist Horticulture Officers in communicating required information to farming community with regard to different departmental schemes and
latest/improved technologies for pre and post harvest.

5. Maintain the record/statistics of all Horticulture Crops area in his jurisdiction with regard to farmer information, cropping pattern, availability of resources, practices being followed, marketing etc.,

6. Also maintain scheme implementation registers in their area.

7. Assist the Horticulture Officers and other supervisory officers in field visits.

8. MPEOs (Horticulture) should motivate the farmers and collect applications and complete documentation for implementation of various departmental schemes like State Plan schemes/MIDH/RKVY/NMOOP/APMIP etc.,

9. Should mobilize farmers for organizing training programmes/Exposure visits/after sales service campaigns, buyers and sellers meet etc.,

10. Should actively participate in conduct of surveys with regard to Natural Calamities/Drought etc.,

11. Maintain weather watch report and also coordinate other bankable schemes.

12. In respect of horticulture crops covered with Crop insurance, the MPEOs shall create awareness among farmers and educate them about the facilities being provided by the
Government and motivate them to go for crop insurance.

13. Shall provide information to the farmers with regard to subsidy schemes/incentives/farm equipment that are being provided by the Department under different programmes and
educate the farmers to make use of these facilities.

14. MPEOs (Horticulture) shall update their knowledge with regard to different schemes of the
Line Department which are integrated with horticulture department for providing necessary information to the farming community.

15. Should also attend any other duties as assigned by the Horticulture Officer or ADH/DDH at district level.
1. AP MPEOs(Horticulture) Duties and Responsibilities
2. AP MPEO Horticulture Posts 2015 Recruitment Notification
3. AP 1200 MPEO(Multi Purpose Extension Officer) Posts 2015 -GO.792

 GO.No.792, Dated:07-11-2015-AP MPEOs(Horticulture) Posts and Duties and Responsibilities
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