Breakfast, Snacks Providing in AP Schools and MDM Menu and Food Norms

Breakfast, Snacks Providing in AP Schools and AP MDM Menu and Food Norms

Providing of Breakfast/Snaks under AP Mid Day Meal Scheme - Fortified millet based biscuits as breakfast  Proposal in AP Schools -AP LR.NO:285/MDM-2/2015 - DATED: 31/10/2015: Providing of Breakfast/Snacks under Mid Day Meal Scheme: Government of Andhra Pradesh, School Education Department and AP Mid Day Meal Scheme is going providing Snacks or Breakfast, Snaks in MDM Menu in AP Schools for 1st Class to 10th Class Students and AP MDM Scheme snacks / break fast providing under AP MDM Scheme. Mid day Meal scheme Snacks and Breakfast Schedule - Fortified millet based biscuits as breakfast.

Breakfast Snacks,AP Schools,MDM Menu Food Norms

Government Of Andhra Pradesh School EducationLr.No.285/MDM-2/2015. Dated:31/10/2015From: K.Sandhya Rani, Commissioner, School Education, Andhra Pradesh State
To: The District Collectors, in Andhra Pradesh State

School Education Department - MDM Scheme- Providing of breakfast/snacks under Mid Day Meal Scheme - Fortified millet based biscuits as breakfast- Proposal- Submitted- Reg.

I wish to inform that Mid Day Meal scheme is being implemented in AP state covering  3901329 No. of students from I-X Class within Annual Budget of 2015-16 Rs.705.43 Crores. In consultation with experts of National Institute Of Nutrition (NIN) and Home  Science College, Agricultural University, the MDM menu is prescribed for the schools. Accordingly the terms are being cooked and served the school point.

MDM Menu and Food Norms for AP Schools: 
At present, the MDM menu and food norms for Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools is indicated below:

Food Norms:
S.No. Items  Quantity per day per child
 Primary  Primary Upper Primary/ High School/NCLP
1  Food Grains 100 grms  150 grms
2 Pulses   20 grms  30 grms
3 Vegetables ,(leafy also) 50 grms  75 grms
4 Oil & Fat  5 grms 7.5 grms
5 Double Fortified salt & iodized salt & Condiments As per need As per need

S.No. Week  Menu
1 Monday Sambar
2 Tuesday Vegetables
3 Wednesday Dal & Vegetables
4 Thursday Sambar
5 Friday Vegetables
6 Saturday Dal and Vegetables
7 *EGG / Banana Twice a week

National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) after an evaluation study has advised that millet based items may be included in the MDM menu, Hon'ble Chief Minister and Honble Minister HRD have also directed that the nutrition value of MDM being served in the schools may be enhanced by including millet based items of food in the existing MDM menu

Some of the suggested millet based items of food, are, Ragi Sankati, Broken Wheet Dhalia, preparations made one of Jowar and Maize, millet based biscuits, etc.

You are requested to offer your comments and suggestions for including which of the millet based food items with regard to your district. Kindly submit your suggestions . So that further necessary action can be taken at this end.

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