Guidelines to Students, Escort Teachers to Participate 5th NLEPC Exhibition

Guidelines to Students, Escort Teachers to Participate 5th NLEPC Exhibition

Guidelines to Selected Students, Escort Teachers to Participate 5th NLEPC Exhibition under INSPIRE Award Scheme: National Level Exhibition and Science Project Competition 2015 under INSPIRE Award Scheme, 5th/ Fifth National Level Exhibition and Project Competition (NLEPC) 2015 Schedule, NLEPC Guidelines to Selected Students, Escort Teachers under INSPIRE Award Scheme to participate 5th National Level Exhibitions & Science Project Competitions/exhibition

Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P.,Rc. 495/133/34/SCERT/2016-1 Date. 26-11.2016, Subject: SCERT. A.P. Hyderabad - INSPIRE Award Scheme - 5th National Level Exhibitions & Project Competitions to be held on 6th & 7th December. 2015 at New Delhi - Participation of selected students at SLEPCs and Escort Teachers - Certain Guidelines - Issued.

1. Lr. Rc.No. 12011/69/2015-INSPIRE. dated: 10-9-2015 of the Director. DST. New Delhi
2. This office Procs. Rc. No. 495/B3/Sci/SCERT/2014. date: 11-9-2015

All the District Educational Officers are informed that 5th National Level Exhibitions & Project Competitions scheduled to be held on 6th & 7th December 2015 at IIT, Hauz Khas, New Delhi. The selected students of State Level Exhibitions & Project Competitions at Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam have to participate in the said exhibition.

A special rail bogie has been booked to the Train No. 12861 ie.. Dakshin - Nizamuddin Express. The rail bogie will be attached to the said express at Vijayawada Junction on 3-12-2015. 57 students and 13 Escort Teachers Including lady teachers are eligible to participate in the NLEPCs as per the DST guidelines.

  1. Identity one Escort teacher along with the selected students in SLEPC to participate in the NLEPC except Visakhapatnam
  2. The selected students abng with the identified Escort teacher have to board train on 3-12-2015 at 7.30 PM at Vijayawada Railway Station.
  3. The students have bring their write-ups and bank account. IFS Code No. and name of the Bank Branch first page Xerox paper along with the
  4. All the students / Escort teachers should reach the Vijayawada Railway Station by 7.30 P.M on 3-12-2015 without fail.
  5. Students / Escort Teachers should bring their own towels, two blankets / bed sheets, soaps, tooth brush & paste, comb etc., and other necessary belongs. fi The food, accommodation and travel arrangements i.e.. Vijayawada to New Delhi and stay at New Delhi and from New Delhi to Vijayawada will be made by the SCERT. A.P.. Hyderabad.
  6. As the list of no. of participants has already been furnished to railway authorities no one can be accommodated in the special bogie booked for this purpose.
  7. Stale Officers will accompany the students in the train.
  8. Registration at the ...bon centre will be done on 5-12-2015 from 2 P.M &
  9. students are to be allotted .1Is for display their exhibit / project.
  10. Students will setup their projects with the assistance of Escort teachers / officials.
  11. SCERT will bear travel, food and accommodation charges only.
  12. All Awardees. Escort Teachers be advised lo carry a photo identify card issued by a competent authority(Ex: 1. Aadhar Card, 2. Voters Identify Card, 3. PAN Card, 4. Driving License, 5. School Identity Card, 6. Govt. Officials Identify Card etc
  13. This would be required from security angle as VIPs will participate in the Event at New Delhi

The students of Visakhapatnam should accompany with Vizianagaram Escort Teacher only.

They are therefore requested to depute one Escort teacher along with the selected students in SLEPCs of then respective districts duly Instructing them to follow the above guidelines. For any doubts / clarification please contact Nos. 8008201513 and 9849354093
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