Revised Time Table,Subject wise Weightage for UPS,High Schools-HM instructions

Revised Time Table and Subject wise weightage for  for UPS, High Schools

Instructions to Headmasters on Revised Time Table, Subject wise Weightage: AP Rc.No. 279, U.P/High School Revised Time Table, And Subject wise weightage instructions To Headmasters.

Instructions to Headmasters of UPS and Highs Schools:
All the headmasters of High schools and Upper Primary schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh follow the guidelines while preparation and implementation of Time table.
1. The Headmasters of Upper Primary and High Schools prepare timetable based on Number of teachers available and number of sections in the school.
2. Headmaster should follow Weightage of Periods as mentioned in the academic calendar. Workload should be distributed equally among the teachers.
3. Value education, Art education, Work education, library book reading-is consisting of total 28 periods in classes VI and VII and 33 periods in classes VIII to X should be equally distributed to all the teachers in order to maintain equal workload except Maths, Social and Physical education teachers.
4. Priority should be given to the teacher’s interest for co-curricular areas allotment. Headmaster may decide co-curricular areas allotment.
5. Biological Science teacher – teach VI class Science and 1 Lab period.
5. Physical Science teacher – teach VII class Science and 1 Lab period.
6. Where ever Vocational Education is in force and vocational Instructors are available, the Head Master is instructed to allot 5 Vocational Education periods by using periods allotted to work Education, Value Education, Library period etc., If Physical Science teacher having Mathematics in degree and mathematics methodology in B.Ed. may be allotted class VI mathematics.

7. In Upper Primary schools Workload should be distributed equally among the teachers. Irrespective of SGT or School Assistant. Language pandit/ Language school Assistant must teach his /her concern subject from class IV onwards. In the same way Non Language School Assistant also teach primary subjects where ever necessary to maintain equal distribution of work load.

Workload with Subject Distribution for VIII, IX, X Classes( Regular periods- 37 other periods -11 total = 48 periods)
Subject Periods in a week IX & X Periods in a week Art Edn, Work Edn, Library) Periods
Telugu 15 Periods 6 21
Hindi 4 12 Periods 12 20
English 15 Periods 15 20
Mathematics 7 21 Periods 21 21
Physical Science 15 Periods 15+ I Lab Period = 16 21
Biological Science 4 12 Periods 12+2 Lab Period = 14 7 21
Science Laboratory I 3 Periods (I period each class) - -
Social studies 15 Periods 15 (3 Cotemporary issues- semin ar)=18 2 20
Social studies (Cotemporary issues- seminar) I 3 Periods (I period each class) - - -
Physical Education periods 9 periods 9
Value Education 2 6 periods
Art Education 2 6 periods
Work Education 2 6 periods
Library 2 6 periods
Total 48

Subject teacher wise work load
Subject Teacher VI , VII Periods VIII, IX, X Periods Total Workload
Telugu Teacher 14 21 35
English Teacher 14 20 34
Hindi Teacher 14 20 34
Maths Teacher 14 21 35
Physical Science Teacher 14 21 35
Biological Science Teacher 14 21 35
Social Teacher 12 20 32
Total 96 144 240
HM instructions on Revised Time Table, Subject wise Weightage for UPS,High Schools 
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