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TS PD Account Portal - PD Accounts Monitoring System Introduced in Telangana

PD Accounts Monitoring System Introduced in Telangana

GO.153,TS PD Account Portal - PD Accounts Monitoring System Introduced in Telangana: GO.MS.No.153, Dated: 02/11/2015 - Government of Telangana State - Finance Depaertment - PD ACCOUNTS - Transparency of PD Accounts operations - IT initiative to conduct transactions and accounting online - Introduction of PD Accounts Monitoring System across the Telangana State - Orders - Issued.

1) GO Ms. No. 43, Dated 22/04/2000, Finance (W&M) Department.
2) GO Ms. No. 125, Dated 24/05/2014, Finance (DCM-II) Department.
3) GO Ms. No. 131, Dated 30/05/2014, Finance (DCM-II) Department.

Consequent to the formation of Telangana State, it is proposed to improve the standard of Public Finance Management by incorporating IT initiatives. There is imperative need for the active participation of all the stake holders in this process.

2. As a part of Good Governance and Administrative Reforms a new Software titled ‘Personal Deposit Account Portal’ has been developed as an IT initiative in Public Finance Management, and the same has been integrated with Telangana Treasury Portal.

3. The new PD Account Software has to be mandatorily used by all the stake holders viz. the Finance Department, Director of Treasuries and Accounts, all the PD Accounts administrators in the State SBH Treasury Branch at Hyderabad, respective / concerned nationalize banks in the Districts, all the Sub Treasury Officers in the State. Necessary training has already been imparted to all the Stake holders on the usage of the New PD Account Portal. To arrive at the correct opening balances in the respective PD Accounts all the administrators has to reconcile opening balances with the respective District / Sub Treasury.

4. The Government after careful examination of the issues related hereby order that the new “Personal Deposit Account Portal” shall be implemented by all the stake holders mandatorily with effect from 16th of November 2015 and all the transactions in the PD Accounts through out the State shall be conducted invariably in the above read Portal only.

5. The Administrative Department of Secretariat shall also be given User ID and Password in due course to monitor the receipts and payments of the PD Account Administrators who are under there respective Administrative Control.

6. The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Telangana shall initiate necessary action to ensure smooth transition to the new PD Account Portal and shall also impart required training
to the stake holders concerned and updating the data of all accounts. He shall also ensure that the new Software is fully integrated with the present IMPACT system with all required validations.

7. The detailed instructions to all Stake holders with regard to process flow shall be issued separately.


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