GO.160 Conveyance Allowance to AP Employees PRC 2015

Conveyance Allowance to AP Employees PRC 2015

GO.160 Conveyance Allowance to AP Employees PRC 2015-ALLOWANCES-Manual of Special Pays and Allowances - Conveyance Allowance to Certain Categories - Recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission -Orders - Issued. GO.Ms.No.160 Dated: 11-12-2015.

1. G.O.Ms. No.108, Finance (TA) Department, dated:07.04.2010.
2. G.O.Ms.No.46, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Department, dt: 30-04-2015.

In the Government Order first read above, based on the recommendations of Ninth Pay Revision Commission, orders were issued enhancing the rates of conveyance allowance in the context of introduction of Revised Pay Scales, 2010, while discontinuing the allowance to certain categories as shown in the annexure appended to it.

2. In the Government Order second read above, based on the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission, orders were issued for implementing the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 to the State Government Employees.

3. The Tenth Pay Revision Commission, inter alia, endorsed the recommendation of PRC, 2010 for the deletion of certain categories of posts from the list of posts eligible to the Conveyance Allowance as detailed in Annexure-III of the Manual of Special Pays and Allowances and recommended for enhancement in monthly rates for the remaining categories.

4. The Government have accepted the above recommendation of 10th Pay Revision Commission and hereby order the following:

i. The existing rate of Conveyance Allowance which is subject to maintenance of Motor Car or a Motor Cycle be increased by 20% rounded off to the nearest ten rupees subject to a maximum of Rs.1050/-(Rupees One thousand and Fifty only)per month.
ii. The existing rate of conveyance allowance which is subject to maintenance of Bicycle be raised to Rs.300/- (Rupees Three Hundred only) per month uniformly.

5. The posts eligible for Conveyance Allowance are shown in the Annexure appended to this G.O.

6. These orders shall come into force with effect from 01-12-2015.

7. Necessary amendments to the Manual of Special Pays and Allowances will be issued in due course.

ANNEXURE–A to G.O.Ms.No.160, Finance (HR-VI-TFR-A&L-TA) Department {para 5 (c) of the Manual of Spl. Pays and Allowances Statement showing the list of posts for which Conveyance Allowance is admissible, after excluding certain categories
SL. No. Head Quarters Station Designation of the post Nature of conveyance to be maintained
1 2 3 4
1 Civil Supplies Department Presently at Hyderabad i.  Assistant Supply Officer ii. Senior Checking Inspector iii. Junior Checking Inspector iv. Head Constable (Vigilance Cell) v. Police Constable (Vigilance Cell) Motor Cycle ” ” Bicycle ”
2 Commercial Taxes Dept. Presently at Hyderabad Assistant Commercial Tax Officer Motor Cycle
3 Excise Department a. At mofussil places     b. Excise Academy, Presently at Hyderabad Members of Police Department working in this Department   i.  Chief Drill Instructor ii. Drill Instructor iii. Assistant Drill Instructor   Bicycle     Motor Cycle ”
4 Fire Service Department Working in fire Stations i.  Assistant Divisional Fire Officer ii. Station Fire Officer Motor cycle Bicycle
5 Institution of Lokayukta Presently at Hyderabad i.  Deputy Director (investigation) ii. Investigating Officer iii. Police Constable Motor Cycle ” Bicycle
6 Police Department a. Presently at Hyderabad CID/Spl.Armed Reserve/ Intelligence/ Spl. Police i.  Senior Reporters ii. Sub Inspector of Police iii. Reserve Sub Inspector of Police iv. Assistant SubInspector of Police v. Assistant Reserve SubInspector vi. Head Constable vii. Police Constable Motor Cycle ” ” ” ” Bicycle ”
b. For those working in Town Police Stations i.  Inspector of Police ii. Reserve Inspector of Police iii. Sub-Inspector of Police iv. Reserve SI of Police v. Head Constable vi. Police Constable Motor Cycle ” ” ” Bicycle ”
c. For those working at other places i.  Inspector of Police ii. Reserve Inspector of Police iii. Sub-Inspector of Police iv. Reserve S.I. of Police v. Assistant SubInspector of Police vi. Assistant Reserve Sub- Inspector of Police vii. Head Constable viii. Police Constable Motor Cycle ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Annexure – B to G.O.Ms.No.160, Finance (HR.VI-TFR-A&L-TA) Department, Dated: 11-12-2015
Statement showing the categories of posts for whom Conveyance Allowance detailed in Annexure – III of Manual of Special Pay and Allowances are deleted.
1. Commercial Taxes Department: Commercial Tax Officer.
2. Economics & Statistics Department: Assistant Statistical Officer at Mofussil places.
3. Forest Department:
a) Range Officer
b) Deputy Range Officer
c) Foresters Working in Range Offices d) Forest Guard
e) Watcher-cum-worker
f) Reserve Watchers
4. Handlooms & Textile Department: Attender working at Mufassil Offices.
5. Judicial Department:
a) At District Head Quarters – District Additional Sessions Judge. b) At Nellore – Special Judge for Anti-Corruption Bureau cases.
6. Labour Department:
Bill Collector at Hyderabad.
7. Medical & Health Department:
One Attender in each Medical Institution at Hyderabad.
8. Municipal Administration Department:
(i) Selection Grade Municipal Commissioner. (ii) Special Grade Municipal Commissioner. (iii) First Grade Municipal Commissioner.
(iv) Second Grade Municipal Commissioner. (v) Third Grade Municipal Commissioner.
9. Police Department:
a) At Hyderabad:
C.I.D. / Special Armed Reserve / City Commissioner of Police / Intelligence / Special Police:
(i) Additional Superintendent
(ii) Deputy Superintendent of Police
(iii) Inspector of Police
(iv) Reserve Inspector of Police b) City Commissioner of Police: Superintendent of Police
c) Civil Defence& Emergency Relief Training Institute, Hyderabad
(i) Principal
(ii) Inspector of Police
GO.160 Conveyance Allowance to AP Employees PRC 2015
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