Amendment to 10th PRC GO.25/Revision of Pay Scales 2015 Amendment GO.7

Amendment to 10th PRC GO.25/Revision of Pay Scales, 2015 Amendment GO.7:
Assistant  Engineer, Superintendent Engineer, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology Revised Pay Scales in 10th PRC 2015. Govt of Telangana, Public Services-Revision of Pay Scales, 2015-Amendment-Issued. GO.MS.No. 7 Dated: 23-01-2016, Reference: 1. G.O.Ms.No.25, Finance (HRM.IV) Department, dated: 18.03.2015. 2. PR & RD (RWS.I) Department, U.O.No.11506/RWS.I/A1/2015, dated:01-12-2015

Based on the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission, orders were issued for Revision of Pay Scales, 2015 to the State Government employees in the Government Order first read above.

2. In the reference second read above, the PR & RD Department have stated that the pay scales for Superintending Engineers and Assistant Engineers of RWS&S Department are lesser when compared to the pay scales of similar categories in other Engineering Departments and requested to rectify the discrepancy which arose in the recommendations of PRC in Volume-III of the report.

3. It is observed that the 10th PRC in Volume-II of its report recommended that the pay scales of various categories of Engineers working under I&CAD Dept., will equally apply to similar categories of Engineers working in Irrigation (Projects) Dept., R&B Dept., Municipal and P.H. Engineering, Panchayat Raj Engineering, RWS&S Dept. and T.W. Engineering Dept. But, in Volume -III of the report, the revised scales against the categories of the AEs and SEs are less than that of similar categories of other Engineering Departments, which may be typographical error.

4. It is also noticed that the pay scale of Rs.35120-87130 is assigned to Lecturer in Clinical Psychology under Directorate of Medical Education in Volume-III of the Report of 10th PRC. Whereas in Volume-II of the report, the pay scale of Rs.40270- 93780 was recommended. Thus the discrepancy.

5. In the circumstances, after careful examination, Government here by order that as per the recommendations in Volume-II of the report of 10th PRC, the pay scales of following categories specified in the G.O. first read above shall be amended as below:
      For 2       Read as
Sl. Name of the post, Revised Pay Sl. Name of the post, Revised Pay Scale
No. Dept. & Sl. No. in the Schedule-II of G.O. Scale in G.O.Ms.No.25, dt.18.03.2015 No Dept. & Sl. No. in the Schedule-II of G.O. amended as
1 Assistant  Engineer, Sl.No.13 under 29760-80930 1 Asst. Engineer, Sl.No.13 under 31460-84970
RWS&S Dept. RWS&S Dept.
2 Superintendent Engineer, Sl.No.4 61450-105810 2 Superintendent Engineer, Sl.No.4 66330-108330
under RWS&S Dept. under RWS&S Dept.
3 Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, Sl.No.45 35120-87130 3 Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, Sl.No.45 40270-93780
under Medical under Medical
Education  Dept. Education  Dept.

6. These orders shall have effect as in the G.O. first read above.
Amendment to 10th PRC GO.25/Revision of Pay Scales 2015 Amendment GO.7
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