Duties and Responsibilities of Teachers-RTE Act - 2009

Teachers Duties and Responsibilities-RTE Act 2009
Instructions to H.M. and Teachers: Duties and responsibilities of Teachers RTE Act - 2009
A. Chapter - 2, Section - 4 says that if a child of 6 years doesn't enrol in any school; if he/she doesn't finish elementary education then the child should be given admission into the class according to his age. In order to mainstream those children, there is a need of special training to them. It should be time specific.
B. Section 16 declares that no student admitted into the school should be retained in the same class or removed from school till he completes the elementary education.
C. Section 23 declares that only those candidates who have the educational qualifications as stipulated by the NCTE are eligible for becoming teachers.

Duties,Responsibilities,Teachers,RTE Act - 2009

D. Section 24 declares that teachers should be come to school in time. They should complete the syllabus in time and should assess the standards of the pupils in learning and conduct remedial classes if needed.

E. Section 29 instructs the teachers to complete the educational planning according to the instructions of the section. The academic authority while laying down the curriculum and the evaluation procedure under sub- section (1), shall take into consideration, the following namely :
1. conformity with the values enshrined in the constitution.
2. all-round development of the child.
3. building up child’s knowledge, potentiality and talent.
4. development of physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent.
5. learning through activities, discovery and exploration in a child - friendly and child - centered manner;
6. medium of instructions shall, as per as practicable in child’s mother tongue;
7. making the child free of fear, trauma and anxiety and helping the child to express views freely;
8. comprehensive and continuous evaluation of child’s understanding of knowledge and his or her ability to apply the same.
9. Teacher should take up classroom transaction basing on the plan he/ she prepared and TLM developed in order to achieve the targeted academic standards.

2. Further under sub-section (1), (2) & (3) of section 24 of the Act “Duties of Teachers” envisages that :
(a) maintain regularity and punctuality in attending school:
(b) conduct and complete the curriculum in accordance with the provisions of sub-section ( 2 ) of section 29;
(c) complete entire curriculum within the specified time;
(d) assess the learning ability of each child and accordingly supplement additional instructions, if any, as required;
(e) hold regular meetings with parents and guardians and apprise them about the regularity in attendance, ability to learn, progress made in learning and any other relevant information about the child; and
(f) perform such other duties as may be prescribed.
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