UPS Level In-service Teachers Training Programme and Guidelines-APSCERT

UP Level In-service Teachers Training Programme and Guidelines-APSCERT

In-service Teacher Training Programme for UP School Teachers/ UPS Level In-service Teachers Training Programme Guidelines: AP SCERT,Rc.No.375,Dtd:22-01- 2016-Conduct of In-service Teacher Training Programme for the teachers of Upper Primary school teachers in Mathematics and Science through Teleconference mode -Teleconference to Mathematics teachers on 28-01-2016 and for Science teachers on 04-02-2016 – Guide lines communicated - Deputation of SRGs.

UP Level,In-service Teachers Training,Guidelines APSCERT

All the District Educational Officers/ Principals, DIETs and Project Officers of SSA in the State are informed that, it is decided that to conduct a 1-day Orientation Programme for UP Level Mathematics and Science Teachers through Teleconference mode. Guide lines for organsing the Teacher Training Programme for Upper Priamry teachers through Teleconference are enclosed herewith.
Date and Subject
28-01-2016 Mathematics
04-02-2016 Science
All the Principals of DIET are requested to organize the One Day Training programme through Teleconference mode to Upper Primary Teachers on 28-1-2016 to the Maths Teachers and 4-2-2016 to the Science Teachers at their repective districts duly following the given guidelines.

Further, all the District Educational Offices in the State are requested to depute the selected SRGs as per list enclosed to this office one day before to develop PPT and other material ie., Mathematics Resource Persons on 27-01-2016 and for Science Resource Persons is on 03-02-2016 at SCERT, Andhra Pradesh and conduct of one Orientation Programme to the Teachers through Teleconference mode. And also requested to issue instructions to SRGS to report to Sri K. Panduranga Swamy, Professor & Head, C&T Department of this office one day before ie., on 27-01-2016 and 3-2-2016 by 10. 00 a.m. without fail.

Guidelines for smooth conduct of In-service training programmes trhough Teleconference mode to the Maths Teachers and Science Teachers on 28-1-2016 and 4-2-2016
1. Type of training programmes:
At Upper Primary level training is only for Mathematics and Science Teachers those who are teaching in Maths and Science in Upper Primry Schools.

2. Mode of Trainings:
The Training programmes will be conducted in different spells. The first spell of programme is scheduled 28-1-2016 for Mathematics Teachers, 4-2-2016 for Science Teachers through MANA TV channel.

3. Allotment of DRGs:
The DIET Principal is instructed to allot 1 / 2 DRGs for each Teleconference Center and the DRPs has to give briefing before starting of the teleconference session, at end of the session they have to sum of the deliberations held in teleconference session and clarify the doubts raised by the participants.

4. Planning meeting:
The Principals of DIETs are instructed to conduct preparatory meeting with DRPs one day before teleconference ie., 27-1-2016 for Maths, 3-2-2016 for Science.

5. Participants
The DIET Principals is instructed to identify the teachers teaching Mathematics and Science at UP School and instruct them to attend the respective teleconference centers i.e., MRC / School Complex and depute the teachers with help of DEO. In case one teacher is teaching both science and mathematics in that case allow him to attend the two programmes.

6. Training Venue:
The DIET Principal is instructed to identify the training venue i.e., MRC / School Complex based on the sufficient number of UP Schools teachers around the training centre. If necessary club 3 or 4 mandals for training programme.

7. Financial Norms
Pay actual TA (to and fro) for each participant. No DA will be paid. Arrange working lunch and Tea as per the primary school training norms.

8. Release and Utilization of Funds
Use the balance of amount released for Primary Teacher Training, if the fund is not available send the proposal of requirement to the SCERT to take up further course of action to release the funds to the Principals of DIETs.

9. Training Modules
The training modules are supplied to the DIETs. So the Principal DIET is requested to supply one module for each participant.

10. Monitoring
The services of SSA Sectoral Officers and DIET faculty, Dy.EOs., MEOs shall be utilized for the monitoring of Teleconference mode of trainings. Two centers may be allotted to each officer for the continuous monitoring.
The monitoring officers shall be available in the allotted centers throughout training programmes.

11. Reporting
 The training centers coordinators / Monitoring Officer shall furnish the attendance of teachers. The DIETs in-turn shall submit the consolidation of district report to SCERT.

12. Schedule of the Training Programmes
Training for Mathematics Teachers 28-01-2016
Training for Science Teachers 04-02-2016

Hence they are requested to take necessary action for the smooth conduct of Teleconference mode of training for Upper Primary teachers.
UP Level In-service Teachers Training Programme and Guidelines-APSCERT
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