AP model primary school Observation,Mentors,Dist.consolidated Report sheet

AP Model Primary School Observation, Mentors Report Sheet,vDistrict Consolidated Report

Model Primary School Observation Sheet, Mentors Report Sheet, MPS - District Consolidated Report, Inspiring/Progressing/Miniature /Underperformance, Grading Based On Mentoring and Monitoring Team Reports: Performance of each MPS in the state may be assessed based on certain parameters developed hereunder. The schools may be awarded “#Inspiring School”, “#Progressing school”, and “#Miniature school” These titles can be awarded on the basis of performance

District: Date of vist: Mandal: Team : State / District /Mandal School: Visit No: I. School environment:
S. No Description of observation point Yes No Key remarks
1 Separate H.M room
2 Sufficient classrooms
3 Digital classroom with Projector, LCD Monitor
4 Library facility (Room to Read) with the suggested books
5 Availability of Snehabala, Easy English cards
6 Availability of books prescribed
7 Furniture availability as prescribed
8 Availability of potable water and sufficient taps
9 Availability of compound wall
10 Availability of sufficient play ground
11 School garden
12 Sufficient toilets for boys, girls and staff
13 Maintenance of toilets
14 Display of school and habitation information
15 Display of SMC, MDM, Grants information
16 Cleanliness of the Premises
17 Learning environment in the school
18 Availability of games and sports material
19 Availability of cultural material
20 Organization of Children Talent Search activities (on literacy, culture, exhibitions, melas etc)
Overall facilities available and its utilization in the school: Brief comments and grading of the observer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

II. Impact of the Head Master:
S. No Description of observation point Good Satisfactory Poor
1 Regular attendance of the Head Master before assembly time
2 Organization of the Assembly and its effectiveness
3 Involvement of H.M in the School readiness programme
4 Initiations taken by the H.M to control absenteeism or irregularity among students
5 Assigning regular curricular activities to the teachers
6 Awareness on the academic activities in MPS
7 Supervision of the classroom activities
8 Supervision of Innovative, General and specific activities
9 Involvement of H.M in implementing CCE
10 Entry of School information, recording of important academic events in the Tab PC,
11 Supervision of MDM
12 Organization of SMC meetings with a pre designed ajenda
13 Maintenance of registers and records and updating
14 Maintenance of proper accounts, cashbook and bank passbooks duly audited every year
14 Appraisal of PINDICS by H.M
15 Contribution of H.M in the complex meetings, general meetings, TLM melas, Mandal level exhibitions etc.
16 Leadership qualities and problem solving nature of the H.M
17 H.M’s efforts to bring qualitative changes in the academic and administrative challenges
Overall impact in the implementation of exclusive academic programme of the MPS to make them centers of excellence: Brief comments and grading of the observer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

III. Teachers’ Performance: (List the names of teachers and the number assigned to them in this checklist. Assign Grade points A/B/C to each teacher based on your observation)
S. No Description of observation point Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Teacher 3 Teacher 4 Teacher 5
1 Preparation of Annual, Unit cum Period plan
2 Effectiveness of teaching and teaching strategies (Mention the strategies used)
3 Usage of appropriate TLM (list the imp. TLMs)
4 Regular checking of students’ notebooks and diaries
5 Organization of individual, group and whole class activities (Mention a few activities)
6 Care taken on B and C grade children (Mention type of activities and materials used)
7 Effective implementation of CCE and updating records
8 Usage of digital classroom, language lab and digital library (List the topics taught through digital class)
9 Contribution for the excellence of English language in the school and Mandal/District level programs
10 Involvement in the effective implementation of Innovative, general and specific activities
11 Contribution in organizing national festivals, seminars, debates, competitions, CCEP etc
12 Appraisal of PINDICS by the teacher
13 Efforts for the professional growth (illustrate)
14 Overall contribution to develop English atmosphere in the school and language development in the children
Overall impression on the Teachers’ performance in the school and grading: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specific activities of excellence observed: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Areas to be focused for achieving excellence: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

IV. Students Performance:
S. No Description of the observation point Good Satisfactory Poor
1 Regular attendance of the students
2 Regularity in wearing uniform
3 Cleanliness of the children
4 Health and hygiene of the students (washed clothes, trimming of nails, regular bathing, attending health checkups etc)
5 Maintenance of notebooks, bags and diaries
6 Academic performance of the children
7 Involvement in the academic, innovative, general and specific activities
8 Participation in sports, games, cultural activities, Yoga etc
9 Utilization of library books and TLM
10 Overall impression on the students’ performance academically
11 Overall impression on the students’ performance in co curricular, extracurricular activities etc.
Overall impression on students’ performance in the school and grading: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Specific activities of excellence observed: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Areas to be focused for achieving excellence: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Vision of the H.M for developing the school as center for academic excellence: Areas for improving the capacities and to emerge as center for academic excellence The overall performance of the Model Primary School: Good/ Satisfactory/ Poor Signatures of the visiting team members with designations 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Signature of the Head Master with seal

Annexure - ii
MENTORS REPORT SHEET (Telugu, English, Mathematics and EVS)
  S.N o     Area     Sub- area Best Practices   Progressi ng Not up to the mark   Team suggestio ns
      1       Teacher Preparation Annual plan
Unit cum Period plan
Diary/ teaching notes
        2         Teaching methods class time utilization
Assigning individual, group & whole class activities
TLM usage
Concentration on B& C grade children
Correction of class works, home works, assignments etc.
    3     Teacher attitude Association with subject forums to enrich his/her subject knowledge and teaching methods
Relation with students
        4         CCE implementation Writing remarks in diary/ CCE records
Evaluation of slip tests, note books and other written works for CCE purpose
Up to date assigning of marks and grades for FA and SA
Consultation of HM to fill in CCE records
          5           Spectrum activities (Name the activities under their respective columns as per your evaluation)
Academic activities
Innovative activities
General activities
Specific activities
        6           School Development   Participation in SMC
Service during MDM
Contributions in the School level/ Mandal/ District level events

Annexure - iii
1. Name of the district:
2. No. of MPS in the district:
3. Month and week of the visit:
4. No. of sub-teams visited during the week:
5. No. of schools covered by each sub-team:
6. Names and contact No.s of the Team coordinators of all divisions in the district:
S. No Subject Area Number of MPS Schools in the district in the given states below
Inspiring state Progressing state Miniature state Under performance
1 Teacher Teacher Preparation
Teaching methods
Teacher attitude
CCE implementation
Spectrum activities
School Development
2 Head Master Maintenance of School
Leadership qualities
Conduct of spectrum of activities
Records updating, grants utilization
Organization of school development activities
Relations with community
3 School Ambience (outlook with trees, garden, school atmosphere)
Infrastructure facilities
Furniture and digital classroom arrangements
Playground availability
Scope for future expansion
4 Students Attendance, uniform and discipline
Quality in education
Spectrum activities
Participation in Mandal level competitions
Overall students’ performance
Status of the schools during term – 1:
1. Number of inspiring schools in the district:
2. Number of progressing schools in the district:
3. Number of Miniature schools in the district:
4. Number of schools with underperformance:
Note: Instructions to designate the status: o If 90 to 100% of the MPS schools in the district are in the inspiring status – Inspiring District o If 70 to 90% of the MPS schools in the district are in the Progressing status – Progressing District o If 50 to 70% of the MPS schools in the district are in the Miniature status – Miniature District o If underperformance MPS schools percentage is above 50% - District with Underperformance

Road Map for academic excellence of Model Primary Schools(MPS)
S.No Title Get Info
1 Road Map for academic excellence in AP Model Primary Schools by SCERT Details
2 12 Academic Aspects of AP Model Primary Schools/AP MPS Smart Schools Details
3 AP Model Primary School Assembly Model Structure and Organizatioin Details
4 Class wise,Subject wise Academic Standards in AP Model Primary Schools Details
5 Formative,Summative Assessment Procedure in AP Model Primary Schools Details
6 Academic,Innovative,Specific,General Activities of AP Model Primary School Details
7 School Day Celebration in AP Model Primary Schools Details
8 Mandatory,Optional Activities in AP Model Primary Schools Details
9 Records,registers,school leadership in AP Model Primary School Details
10 School,Mandal, District,State level Review Meetings of AP MPS Details
11 Subjcet wise traings to AP MPS Teachers Details
12 Online,Offline Monitoring in AP Model Primary Schools Details
13 Grading Based On Mentoring And Monitoring Team Reports Details
13 AP Model Primary School Observation,Mentors Report Sheet,District Consolidated Report Details
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