Income Tax Deduction for Children Tuition/School/Education Fee under Section 80C

Income Tax Deduction for Children Tuition/School/Education Fee under Section 80C

Deduction u/s 80C for tuition/school fees paid for education of children/Income tax deduction for Children Tuition Fee/School Fee/ Education Fee under Section 80C: Payment of tuition fees: Most schools, colleges and universities in India have some fixed amount as tuition fee. The same can be deducted under Section 80C, up to R1 lakh in a year. The amount of deduction is restricted to two dependent children and should pertain only to the actual tuition fee paid. However, both the husband and wife have a separate limit of two children. So, each parent can claim the benefit for up to for two children each.

Who is Eligible: Deduction for tuition fees u/s. 80c of the Income Tax Act 1961 is available to
Individual Assessee and is not available to HUF.
Income Tax Deduction,Children Tuition School Education Fee, Section 80C

Maximum  Child:  Deduction  under  this  section  is  available  for  tuition  fees  paid  on  two children’s education. If Assessee have more then two children then he can claim tuition fees paid of only two children’s. The Deduction is available for any two children.

Here we would like to mention that husband and wife both have a separate limit o f two children each, so they can claim deduction for 2 children each.

Expenditure  paid for self education not allowable: - This is the only clause u/s 80 C where assessee can not claim tax benefit for expenditure incurred for self. In other words if assessee has paid tuition fees for his own studies, he will not be eligible for deduction.

Fees paid for spouse: Deduction is not available for tuition fees paid for studies of spouse.

Maximum Limit: Deduction for tuition Fees is available up to Rs.100000.  Please Note that aggregate amount of deduction  under section 80C , 80CCC and  80CCD shall not  exceed Rs.

Deduction available on payment basis: Deduction under this section is available on payment basis.  Fees may be related to any period. For example feed paid for April 2009 if Paid in March
2009 will be eligible for deduction u/s. 80C in A.Y. 2009-10.

Deduction not available for part time course: The deduction is available for Full Time courses only.   In our opinion no deduction is available for part time or distance learning courses.

Fees for Private tuition/Coaching Classes not eligible for deduction u/s. 80C: The fees should be paid to  university, college, school or other educational institution. No  deduction available for fees paid for private tuition’s , coaching courses for admission in professional courses or any other type of courses are not covered as that fee is not paid for FULL time education.

Location of University, college, school or other educational institution: University, college, school or other educational institution must be situated in India though it can be affiliated to any foreign institutes.  Allowability of pre-nursery, play school and nursery class fees: - Pre-nursery, play school and nursery class fees is also covered under section 80C (circular 9/2008 & 8/2007). You can get up to Rs 1 lakh as tax benefits for your kid's tuition fees

Not allowable Expenses:
1. Development fees or donation not eligible.
2. Transport charges, hostel charges, Mess charges, library fees, scooter/cycle/car stand charges incurred for education are not allowed.
3. Late fees is not eligible for deduction.
4. Term Fees is not eligible for deduction.
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