Science Seminar On 28th February on the occasion of National Science day 2016

Science Seminar On 27th February on the occasion of National Science day 2016

SCERT Telangana, Rc.No.1080,Dated:22-02-2016; Deputation for selected teachers/teacher educators to participate in Science Seminar On 27th February, 2016 on the occasion of National Science day on 28th February. The attention of all the District Educational Officers, Principals of IASEs, CTEs, DIETs, Teacher Education Colleges in the State are invited to subject cited that, SCERT is organizing one day Science Seminar on “INNOVATIONS IN SCIENCE EDUCATION” to Teacher Educators/Teachers and other field functionaries of School Education on 27th February 2016 on the eve of National Science day i.e. 28th February. The venue of the Seminar is Conference Hall 1, 1st floor, SCERT, TS, Hyderabad.

READ | National Science day Celebrations in Telangana State for 2017

The Sub Themes of the Science Seminar are:
1. Innovations in Classroom practices of Science Teaching.
2. Innovations in development of Scientific Attitude and Scientific Temper among student community.
3. Utilization of community resources in Science Teaching.
4. Science in daily life.

The presenter may be instructed to prepare the PPT to highlight the contents of their paper and shall be handed over to seminar organizers in the form of soft copy and also requested to send the soft copies to the mail

The presentations should not exceed 8 minutes presentation and 2 minutes for interaction. The total time allotted for each presentation is maximum 10 minutes.

The District Educational Officers, The Principals of IASEs, CTEs, DIETs and Teacher Education Colleges in the Stat are requested to depute the selected teacher educators/ teachers on 27th February, 2016 by 9.30 AM to present their papers at SCERT as per Annexure.

The TA, DA for the presenters will be borne by SCERT as per TS TA norms. The selected teachers/ teacher educators of state level science seminar are annexed with this order.

READScience Seminar On 28th February, 2017 on the occasion of National Science day

Further the District Educational Officer of Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad are requested to depute 50 Science Teachers @25 Science teachers from each district for witnessing the Seminar apart from the candidates selected for Seminar Presentation.
The selected teachers/ teacher educators of state level science seminar
Sl. No. N ame & Address Topic
1 Arif Moin Producer, ETV Urdu, Cell : 9391137588 Role of science based TV shows development of Scientific attitude and Scientific Temper in children.
2 Sayeda Samina Parvin ZPHS, Elkaturti, Karimangar. Cell : 9908248734 Nitya Jeevitham lo manam adaviloni utpathulanu ela viniyoginchukuntunam.
3 T. Venkateshwar ZPHS, Chenjarla, Karimnagar. Cell : 9441773068 Organic cultivation and Bio-Fertilizer management.
4 Madhana Chary ZPHS, Urella, R.R.Dist. Cell : 9030869272 Usage of community resources during science teaching.
5 St. Don Basco High School Domadgu, Medak. Cell : 8374646201 Teaching and learning in the community.
6 D. Srinivas ZPHS, Hasanparthy, Warangal. Cell : 9949703125 The model of modern village
7 Ch. Sunandhini GHS, Cooli lane, kothagudem, Khammam. Cell: 9642277871 Lively teaching of live sciences.
8 Dr. J. Raghavulu Rtd. Professor, SCERT, TS Cell : 9491528403 Case study report of Mahabubnagar Town with special reference to academic standards of 10th class BS
9 K. Ganga Kishan GHS, Quilla, NZB. Cell.No: 9848219365 Scientific Temperonment
10 Swamy Barla ZPHS, Raghavendrareddypet, Mogullapally mandal, Warangal District. Pilla Atavastuvulato Nuthana Science Bhahula Bhodhana.
12 Md. Basheer Ahemad ZPHS, Amarachinta, Mahabubnagar. Cell : 9491375899 Creative working models in classroom with low cost material.
13 K. Ramgopal Reddy RSC, Hanumaonda. Cell: 9492447099 5E-An Ideal Instructional Method in Science Classroom.
14 Ch. Keshava Rao DIET Warangal. Cell : 9949038628 A study of teaching science methodology with activity based learning.
15 S. Neeraja ZPHS, Manikonda. Cell : 897775329 How science related in our daily life.
16 CH. Srinivas RAo ZPHS, Gondriyala, Nalgonda. Cell : 9247841469 Effective utilization of Cartesian co-ordinate system in teaching Geometric optics.
17 Naseemunnisa begum Presidency College of Education, Hyderabad. Cell : 9848786181 Adaptation of innovative practices in science teaching learning.
18 M. Pavithra ZPHS, Gaddipally, Nalgonda Dist. Cell : 9441742537 Video lessons
19 Shekar. P Islamia College of Education, OU, Hyderabad. Cell : 9951123418, e-learning or online learning
20 V. Gurunadha Rao ZPHS, Combalapally, Warangal. Rangoli is a learning tool in science
21 P. Padma Kumari ZPSS, Enkoor, Khammam. Cell : 9491378969 Science Bhodhana Abhyasanalo nenu na pillalu.
22 S. Shyamaladevi ZPHS, Hasanparti, Warangal. Cell : 9949749773 Avoid plastic – save environment.
23 T. Linga Murthy Nagarjuna College of Education, Mahabubnagar. Cell : 8106720072 Development of Scientific attitude and Scientific Temper in children.
24 B. Shyamsunder Reddy ZPSS, Pogulapally, Warangal. Cell : 9393874112 Apparent Science for rural school.
25 V. Ravi Kumar MPPS, Rajapally, Karimnagar. Cell : 9290211654 Science in Daily life
26 Shaik Liyakath Ali Govt. DIET MBNR. Cell : 9440232039 emai id: Development of Scientific attitude and Scientific Temper in children.
27 K. Shiva Kumar Anwarul-uloom College of Education, Mallepally, Hyderabad. Mail: Development of Scientific attitude and Scientific Temper in children.
28 Prabhu Singh ZPSS, Narsapuram, Medak Dist. Methods adopted in my class room for science teaching.
29 S. Mondaiah Govt. DIET Karimnagar. Cell : 9490580840 Maintenance of Kitchen Garden.
30 Md. Akbar ZPHS, Devuni Erravalli, R. R. Dist. Cell : 9989971100 Innovations in class room practices of science teaching.
31 Hasnath Ahmed Khan Narendra High School, Armoor, NZB. Cell : 9440758417 Fostering Scientific temper through shift of paradigm of Science teaching.
32 K. Sudhakar MEO Office, Tadoor, Mahabubnagar. Cell:9550904000 Innovations in class room practices of science teaching.
33 Noel .J St. Joseph High School, Ramagundem, Karimnagar. noeljos28 Cell : 9440383513, 9949718295 Innovation of low cost microscope.
34 K. Bharathi ZPHS, Noothpally, NZB. Cell : Nityajivitham lo Science and Technology.
35 M. Ratna Kumari Siddhartha Rural High School, Machawaram X Road, Medak. Cell : 7842258328 Innovative methods in science class room teaching.
36 P. Vital ZPHS, Konapur, NZB. Cell : 9440468020 Deforestation leads to climate change.
37 V. Sumalatha ZPHS, Venkatapur, Warangal. Cell : 9704828363 Project la Nirvahana – Samaja Bhagaswamyam.
38 P. Rajashekar ZPHS, Vaggapally, Warangal. Cell : 9247844945 Innovations in class room practices
39 R. Venkatesham ZPHS, Pulkal, Medak. Cell : 9989747413 I Like Science Class only
40 Dr. Shaik Abdul Shukoor ZPHS, Indra karan, Medak. Cell : 9849718147 Scientific attitudes for national Building.
41 M.B. Nirmala GHS, Malakpet, Hyderabad. Cell : 939497343 Development of Scientific attitude and Scientific Temper in children.
42 D. Madhavi ZPHS, Awancha, Medak. Cell : 9989228736 Development of Scientific attitude and Scientific Temper in children.
43 T. Parameshwar ZPSS, Jafrapur, Adilabad. Cell : 9441288466 Nitya Jeevitamlo Science vidyardi abhyasanamlo science avishkaranala prabhavam.
44 D. Madhusudhan Reddy ZPHS, Kodhad, Nalgonda. Science Club
45 Smt. Manjulatha ZPHS(Girls) Devarakadra Mahabubnagar Dist. Using Educational Videos to teach biological science more effectively.
Science Seminar On 27th February on the occasion of National Science day

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