TS Inter Invigilation duties for Teachers for conduct of IPE March 2018

TS Inter Invigilation duties for SAs,Teachers for conduct of IPE March 2017

Instructions to Inter Exams Invigilators for 2018:

Rc.No.165/Plg-1/2018, Dt: 22.02.2018
Sub: School Education, TS, Hyd. - Drafting Teachers as invigilators and Departmental Officers for Intermediate Examinations scheduled from 28.02.2018 to 14.08.2018 - Certain instructions in drafting the Teachers to the examination duty - Reg.
Ref: D.O.Lr.No. Spl/Exams/IPE/2018 from Secretary, Telangana State board of Inteimediate Education, dt: 08.02.2016.
All the District Educational Officers are hereby informed that the Primary and High School Teachers are being drafted every year for the invigilation and spot valuation of both SSC and Intermediate examinations. Primary teachers are away from schools during February and March. Taking teachers away from the schools for longer periods disturbs the academic schedule. Teacher presence is a must in the Schools as per RTE to ensure quality Education. Therefore, the utilization of services of teachers from School Education Department for invigilation/ Departmental Officers etc., need to be rationalized and see the Schools shall function effectively.
Following is the existing practice:
• The requirement of invigilators varies subject to subject and it is more in case of common subjects like languages and Maths and Physical Sciences and less in case of subjects for single group i.e., Biology, commerce, Economics, History etc. At present the request from Officials of Intermediate Education is for maximum number of invigilators keeping in view of common subjects. The MEOs / District Educational Officers are drafting the teachers for all the days i.e., entire examination schedule, which will adversely affect the schools in the State.
Keeping in view of above, and disturbance in School functioning, following are the instructions for drafting the teachers.
• DEO must ensure that the intermediate official shall request for School teachers only after exhausting their staff and the requirement should reach to the MEOs before 25' February 2018.
• The request from intermediate officials must be day wise requirement of teachers for invigilation before 25'1February 2018.
• Based on the request for requirement, the MEOs should draft One SGTs each from Primary / Upper Primary Schools where the strength is more than three (3). PETs and Craft Teachers may be drafted for invigilation.
• The. invigilators duty allotted only for main papers and shall not be given for more than 5 days clearly indicating the dates and no teacher should be drafted for minor papers.
• The MEO should keep the list of Schools and number teachers per School based on which he has to allot the teachers. A copy of day wise allotment shall be submitted to the Officials of intermediate and a copy to the DEO.
• No School Assts dealing 10'" class subjects shall be drafted for invigilation duty.
• The DEOs are directed to inform the above instructions through meeting / Tele conference and also by sending a copy of the Proceedings to all the MEOs and cross check the mandals randomly and see that all Schools function properly in view of SA-II examinations and Class X board examinations.
• The same instructions also holds good for drafting teachers to the SSC examinations. Further the School Assts pertaining to languages may be drafted as invigilators to the non language subjects and non language subjects to language subjects.

Providing of services of teachers to Intermediate Exams,Teachers for invigilation duties,SG Teachers, SAs are required to perform the duties of #Invigilators, Inter Invigilation duties for SAs,Teachers for conduct of IPE March 2017-Providing of services of teachers to Intermediate Public Exam(Theory) March 2017-IPE March 2017 instructions:

Proc. Rc.No.67/A4/2016-17 Date:22.02.2017

Subject: IPE March-2017-Scheduled from 01.03.2017 to 19.03.2017 - Teachers for invigilation duties-Reg.
Reference:- Lr.Rc.No.31/DEC/DIEO,MHBD/IPE March-2017, Dt.18-02-2017 of the Convener DEC & DIEO, Mahabubabad.

All the Mandal Educational Officers in the District are here by informed that the IPE March-2017 are schedule from 01.03.2017 to 19.03.2017 and the Convener DEC & DIEO, Mahabubabad has requested to provide the teachers for invigilation duties.

In view of the above Mandal Educational Officers are requested to provide the teachers where the requirement submitted by the Chief Superintendent concerned of Intermediate Public Examination March 2017, and the duties must be within the mandal only without disturbing the school work and the list of the teachers deputed to the invigilation duties should be submitted to the under signed immediately.

Govt of Telangana,Higher Education Department Memo.No.1534, TSBIE,Conduct of IPE March 2017 - Intermediate Public Examinations (Theory) March 2017 are scheduled to be held from 01.03.2017 to 18.03.2017 - Request for providing of services of Teachers - Regarding and in the Reference: From the Secretary, Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad, Lr.Rc.No.Spl/JS Exams/Teachers/IPE March,2017, dated:20.02.2015.

The attention of the Commissioner & Director, Secondary Education, Hyderabad is invited to the subject cited and he is informed that the Intermediate Public Examinations (Theory) March 2017 are scheduled to be held from 01.03.2017 to 18.03.2017 (Major subjects up to 17.03.2017). 1257 centres were constituted for 5,65,728 students appearing for the Examination across the State.

The Commissioner & Director, Secondary Education, Hyderabad Is further  Informed that a total no. of 3,147 Government Staff are required for appointment of various Examination Duties such as High Power Committee, District Examination Committee, Camp Personnel, Chief Superintendent, Departmental Officers etc., 28,287 Invigilators are required to conduct the Examinations. As there is a shortage of staff at the intermediate level, the services of School Assistants (S.A), Secondary Grade Teachers (S.G.T) are required on top priority basis for the smooth and effective conduct of Examinations.

As such, 316 School Assistants (S.A) are required to perform the duties of  Chief Superintendents (C.S), Departmental Officers (D.O) and 3,213 Secondary Grade Teachers (S.G.T) are required to perform the duties of Invigilators. The services of the teachers will be utilized up to 18.03.2017 (only 11 working days).

The Commissioner & Director, Secondary Education, Hyderabad is therefore  requested to spare the services of 316 School Assistants (S.A) and 3,213 Secondary Grade Teachers (S.G.T) under the control of C&DSE, Telangana State, for the above purpose to conduct of IPE March 2017 in smooth and effective manner.

Drafting of teachers (S.A, S.G.T) for Inter Exam duties
Rc.No.232,/Plg - 1/2016 Dated:29.02.2016- Subject: School Education - TSBIE - Conduct of IPE March 2017 - Drafting of teachers (S.A, S.G.T) for Examination duties - Reg. Reference: Lr. Rc. No. Spl/JS Exams / Teachers / IPE March, 2017., Dt. 20.02.2016

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state are invited to the reference read above, and they are directed to depute the required personnel taking care that:
a) The work in Schools do not suffer : and
b) Staff are deputed only as the examination days.
Further, all the District Educational Officers in the state are directed to workout the details with the District Vocational Educational officers of the district with minimum dislocation.

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