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AADHAAR Enrolment to all School Children by 30th September, 2018

AADHAAR Enrolment to all School Children by 30th September 2018‏

AADHAAR Enrolment to all School Children by 20th September, 2018‏: Please refer to this Ministry's D.O letters of even number dated requesting you to identify a Nodal Officer to act as Registrar for Adhaar Enrolment for Schools, to coordinate with State Nodal department for Adhaar for enrolment of school children in the age group 5 to 18 years, and to draw up an action plan for coverage of all schools and students in your State.

AADHAAR Enrolment,School Children,30th April, 2016‏

C and DSE Telangana - Rc.No.3238 :: Sub: TSSA, Hyderabad - Planning & MIS - Completion of 100% Aadhar enrolment in Childinfo website - Declaration Certificate submission - Reg...
The attention of all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio District Project Officers, SSA in the State is invited to the subject read above and they are informed that the last date of Child info with Aadhar enrollment is extended up to 30th September 2018. The DEOs are directed to instruct the MEOs to take Declaration Certificate from School Teachers/Headmasters/Principals on 100% completion of Child info with Aadhar enrollment and submit the consolidation of the declaration certificates so obtained along with his/her certification at the DEO office by 30th September 2018 duly making spiral binding of such declarations.

In turn all the DEOs ate directed to verify thoroughly the spiral bounded declarations submitted by MEOs under his control and submit along with his/her certification of all the declaration certificates obtained to the State Office by .... in person without fail.
The DEOs are directed to Coordinate with DIOs/EDMs working under District Collectors for 100% completion of Aadhar Enrollment. Mee Seva Director arranged Special Centers for Aadhar Enrollment of the School age Children and as such the DEO is directed to give instructions to Headmasters/Principals to utilize the services of Mee Seva for 100% Aadhar Enrollment.

Further it is informed that the collection of UDISE 2018 data starts from 1st October 2018 based on data as on 30th September 2018. The UDISE DCF will be generated with child info database. After 30th September 2018 corrections in Enrollment will not be permitted in UDISE DCFs.

The following information is to be furnished in declaration Certificate along with the signature of Class Teachers /Headmasters/Principals from School Level and MEOs Signature from Mandal Level, with DEOs Signature from District Level by ... without fail.


Presently, your State has achieved 87.2% Adhaar enrolment of students in the age group of 5-18. UIDAI has offered to provide all necessary technical support to State Departments of School Education in organizing enrolment camps in school premises to cover all school children across the country.

It is therefore, requested to take steps to ensure coverage of the remaining children by..... I shall be thankful if the action taken in the matter is intimated to us immediately.

Letter.Rc.No: 950: Subject: RMSA - Telangana - Request of the Gal to take steps to ensure coverage of the remaining school children by 30th April, 2016 for Aadhar Enrolment in our state - orders communicated - Reg. Reference:D.O.Letter.No.1-4 of the Sri.Maneesh Garg, Joint Secretary to GoI, New Delhi

While communicating copy of the D.O.Letter cited above, to all the District Collectors and District Educational Officers in the state with a request to take immediate necessary action in the matter at their District Level and report compliance to this office. This reference should be given TOP PRIORITY. This has got the approval of the Director of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director, RMSA and Model Schools, Telangana, Hyderabad.

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6. - 0-5 Years Children Aadhaar Enrolment Guidelines to WDCW Department, Telangana
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