Action points,Guidelines,Instructions for conduct of TSMS CET 2016

Action points, Guidelines, Instructions for conduct of TSMS CET 2016

Director of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director of Telangana Model Schools has given Action Points, Guidelines, Instructions to Chief Superintendent and Departmental Officers for the conduct of  TSMS Entrance Test for admission into 6th Class in Telangana Model Schools On 13.03.2016 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon.
1. Chief Superintendent has to contact the District Educational Officer and ensure that adequate no. of Invigilators are appointed and all the invigilators are given consent to attend the duty.
2. Chief Superintendent may appoint one Clerk, one Attender for the Center besides engaging Watermen @ one for each of 50 candidates.
3. Seating arrangements should be made one day prior to examination and Chief Superintendent should also ensure that there shall be no scope for indulging in any of malpractices in the Examination Center.
4. Question papers for the examination will be delivered to the Chief Superintendent by the District Educational Officer on 12.03.2016. Chief Superintendent should verify the No. of Question Papers received with reference to the No. of candidates as per Nominal Rolls and in case of any short-fall report to the District Educational Officer immediately. The sealed Question Papers packets are to be preserved in the nearest Police Station immediately on receipt of confidential materials and should be withdrawn one hour prior to the scheduled time of the Test.
5. All the Principals / Chief Superintendents are informed to give wide publicity for download the hall tickets online through by the candidates Chief Superintendent should allow the candidates after thorough verification of identity of candidate with photo printed on the hall ticket. No candidate shall be allowed for the test without having printed his/her name in the Nominal rolls.
6. A copy of the Nominal Rolls generated with references ID of the online applications received District wise is sent to the District Educational Officer District Convener /separately. In case, any candidate complaints that he/she was not in receipt of Hall Ticket through applied online and his/her name is not found in the center nominal rolls, such candidates may be directed to meet the District Educational Officer with reference ID of application submitted by him/her to get the particulars of H.T No. and Center to take the Admission Test – 2016.
7. In case of any candidate approaches the Chief superintendent whose name is not found in the Nominal Roll and produces necessary evidence of having applied for the test online and presented reference ID and a copy of receipt of online application may be permitted provisionally for the test.
8. Such candidate may be assigned a new (buffer) roll no. i.e. after the last Hall Ticket number of the center. He/she may be given buffer OMR answer Sheet (without Roll No. & Photo printed). The particulars of such candidate shall be filled on OMR answer sheet. All these material should be sent in separate sealed cover to the Additional Director for verification.

9. Chief Superintendent should instruct the Invigilators to give proper training to the students on method of answering the questions in OMR sheet. All the invigilators should be present in exam room by 9.45am to train the students as they are new to this method of test. Candidate who comes late should not be allowed in to the examination hall.
10. A copy of the Nominal Roll and Attendance-cum-Verification Sheets containing candidates Photo and Signature are sent to the Chief Superintendent.
11. OMR answer sheets are supplied to each center with pre-printed data (Name, Roll Number, Father name and Photograph etc.,) of each candidate allotted to the center.
12. All the Invigilators are to be instructed to issue the relevant OMR Answer sheet to each candidate on which the photo and other information of the candidate is pre- printed and tallied with the hall ticket produced by the candidate.
13. 20 buffer (blank)OMR Sheets are provided to each center for use of candidates admitted without pre-printed Hall tickets in that center.
14. The OMR answer sheets should be affixed with the designation stamp or facsimile signature of the Chief Superintendent on the front page-Page-I (on the page in which instructions are printed) before issuing it to the candidates. The sealed question paper packets are to be opened 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination in the presence of 2 or more Invigilators.
15. Invigilators should be given thorough training on the use of OMR Sheets one hour before the test, so that they will be able to explain the procedure to the candidates well before the commencement of the test. Before appearing the test all the candidates should have proper understanding of the procedure in answering Questions using O.M.R Sheets.
16. All un-used question papers are to be accounted for and they should be returned to the District Convener. No un-used paper is to be retained in the office of the Chief Superintendent for reference etc., The Chief Superintendent will be personally held responsible for the loss of any un-used question paper.
17. The answer scripts (OMR Sheets) may be properly accounted and packed in sealed cloth covers. The Chief Superintendent, Departmental Officer are personally held responsible for the correct packing of the answer scripts, their sealing and preservation till the confidential bundles are handed over to the District Educational Officer for their delivery to the Society.
18. In each sealed answer scripts bundle, there should be a packing slip with the following contents:
i. Name of the Center.
ii. No. of OMR Sheets sent.
iii. Roll Numbers of the OMR Sheets from to .
iv. Absentee Nos.
v. Signature of the Chief Superintendent.

19. Regarding handing over of filled in OMR answer Sheets bundles are to be prepared as indicated above, Chief Superintendent is requested to handover the sealed cloth covers containing OMR Sheets bundles to through Route Officer sent by the DEO.
The following statements have to be sent along with answer script bundles:
i. Plan of seating arrangements of candidates separately.
ii. Marked copy of the Nominal Roll, where absentees have been indicated in red ink.
iii. Nominal Roll cum verification sheets duly signed by the candidates present and marked absent in case of absentees.
iv. Room wise and consolidated absentee statements.
v. Special report, if any, regarding the conduct of Test. If there is nothing worth mentioning, this report need not be sent.
vi. Undertaking obtained from the candidates, if any.
vii. Blank OMR Sheets of absentee candidates and blank extra OMR Sheets duly cancelled.
viii. Sealed cover containing filled buffer OMR Sheets of candidates admitted without hall ticket.

20. The amount towards the incidental expenses and for spot payment of remuneration to the Chief Superintendent, Departmental Officer, appointed by the District Educational Officer, Invigilators and Clerk etc., are sent to the Chief Superintendent by the District Educational Officer.

21. Chief Superintendent is requested to furnish the detailed accounts of the incidental expenses supported by vouchers. The statement of remuneration may be sent in the following Proforma. These statements and vouchers should be sent to this office.
i. Serial Number.
ii. Name and Designation.
iii. Designation in the Examination.
iv. Dates on which he/she worked.
v. No. of days worked.
vi. Rate of Remuneration.
vii. Total amount of remuneration.
viii. Signature of the recipient.
ix. Remarks, if any.
22. If any errors found in Hall ticket the Chief Superintendents are requested to get the name, Parent’s name and reservation category particulars mentioned in Nominal Rolls verified with verification sheet sent and ensure the correctness before the candidates leave the Examination Hall. The signature of the candidates should be obtained on the nominal roll-cum-verification sheet in the space provided about correctness of the particulars. In case of discrepancy, the nature of discrepancy should be recorded and signed by the candidate.
23. Police bundobust to be arranged at examination centers.
Instructions to Invigilators for TSMS 6th Class Admission Test 2016


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