CSE AP Instructions on AP Half day Schools during summer 2016

CSE AP Instructions on AP Half day Schools during summer 2016

As per the School Academic Calendar, Half Day Schools would be started from March 16th in all AP Schools in every academic year. But, the summer season has sent in early, As a result, the School going students are suffering a lot due to prickly heat. In order to ensure health and safely of students, teachers,etc., it is decided to advance the Half Day schools to a week prior i.e 08-03-2016 instead of 16-03-2016. So, Half Day Schools started from March 8 in AP Schools. In continuation, Commissioner of School Education, AP has given certain instructions on Half day Schools during summer.

1. School Academic Calendar 2015 - 16
2. Procs.Rc.No.02/A 8r, 1/2015 dated: 01.03.2016 of CSE A.P., Hyderabad
3. Procs.Rc.No.02/A & 1/2015 - 2 dated: 26.03.2016 of CSE A.P., Hyderabad
4. This office Lr.Rc.No.02/A 8r, 1/2015 Dated: 26/03/2016 addressed to all the Collectors and District Magistrates in the State

School timings, Time Table, Periods for AP Half day Schools
MDM Timings During Half Day Schools
Rc.02,Dt:28/03/2016 Certain Instructions on Half day Schools during summer: In continuation of the orders issued in the reference 1 to 4th read above and in view of the severe heat conditions in the State the following instructions are issued to all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State.
1. Strictly implement the timings prescribed during the Half day schools
2. Adequate drinking water should be provided in all the schools Coordinate with Gram Panchayat & RWS Department where ever and when ever required and ensure the same.
3. Classes shall not be conducted in the open areas / under the trees etc., under any circumstances.
4. Keep handy some Oral Re hydration Solution (ORS) sachets in every school for use of Students and Teachers if suffering from Sun/ Heat Stroke.
5. Provide buttermilk during Mid Day Meals in coordination with local community/ Voluntary organisations.
6. Monitor the above measures closely with Head Masters, Inspecting Officers and other officials and see that all precautions are Taken to avoid any hardship to the Students/ Teachers.
CSE AP Instructions on AP Half day Schools during summer 2016


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