School wise Adhaar childinfo data entry,Seeding process,Declaration form

School wise Adhaar childinfo data entry, Seeding process| Aadhar declaration form

School wise Adhaar childinfo data entry,Seeding process|Aadhar declaration form:  Adhaar child-info data entry and seeding process, revised Adhaar childinfo data entry-collection of school-wise declarations/Aadhar Declaration Form: It is  well aware that the Commissioner and Director of School Education, Telangana State and the Stat Project Director, TSSA, Hyderabad had instructed earlier to enroll the children studying in all the managements of schools in Childinfo data base and to get their Adhar IDs seeded. Accordingly, the process has been taken up and a district level data entry camp is being held to achieve 100% Adhaar enrollment in database and complete the process by 25.03.2016.

School wise Adhaar childinfo data entry,Seeding process,Declaration form

Instructions on Child Info Updation and Aadhaar Enrolment and Validation: Enrollment of student with Aadhar Number in child info website.

SSA - NAS 2017 - Sample schools information of VIII class children - Reg: To, All the DEOs & E.O DPOs in the State are hereby directed to issue  instructions to  Nodel Officers/ MIS Coordinators, MEOs and Headmasters of concerned Schools to Complete 100% Aadhar seeding and Confirmation of  children Names entered in childinfo website  and follow the guidelines issued on NAS 2017 :
1. Sample schools selected for VIII class  for conduct of NAS 2017 is confirmed by SCERT.
2. Childwise information  of sample schools uploaded in childinfo website  attached for  confirmation.
3. Children having Aadhaar  to be confirmed by the School Headmaster.
4. Children not having Aadhaar list also enclosed  to take Aadhaar Number in nearest  Aadhaar Enrollment Center  immediately.
5. more than 5000 children of sample schools of VIII class children Aadhaar number not updated in the child info website (List enclosed).
6. If Aadhaar number is  not available  to the sample School Children,  MIS Co./ Nodel Officer should Coordinate with concerned School Headmaster  to take the children to the nearest  Aadhaar Enrollment Center to  issue Aadhaar Number.
7. 100% Aadhar  seeding  of sample Schools should be completed  in childinfo website by 10th of this Month i.e., (10.10.2017).
8. The DEOs are requested to entrust of work of confirmation of children names with Aadhaar No. to the MIS Coordinators/ Nodel Officers who attended the training programme  at Bangalore.
9. Daily status to be updated through email to the
10. The information of sample schools and children information with Aadhaar no. to be kept as confidential. Misuse of Aadhaar No. leads serious action as per rules. 
Please download attached file​.​ 

C and DSE Telangana - Rc.No.3238, Dated:22/09/2017 :: Sub: TSSA, Hyderabad - Planning & MIS - Completion of 100% Aadhar enrolment in Childinfo website - Declaration Certificate submission - Reg.
Read:- 1. D.O.Lr.No. 11-38/2017, Sch-5(Pf)of Anilswarup, Secretary, MHRD.
2. This office Proc.Rc.No.3238/TSSA/MIS/T7/2017, dt:ll/09/2017.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio District Project Officers, SSA in the State is invited to the subject read above and they are informed that the last date of Child info with Aadhar enrollment is extended up to 30th September 2017. The DEOs are directed to instruct the MEOs to take Declaration Certificate from School Teachers/Headmasters/Principals on 100% completion of Child info with Aadhar enrollment and submit the consolidation of the declaration certificates so obtained along with his/her certification at the DEO office by 30th September 201 7 duly making spiral binding of such declarations.

In turn all the DEOs ate directed to verify thoroughly the spiral bounded declarations submitted by MEOs under his control and submit along with his/her certification of all the declaration certificates obtained to the State Office by 5th October 2017 in person without fail.

The DEOs are directed to Coordinate with DIOs/EDMs working under District Collectors for 100% completion of Aadhar Enrollment. Mee Seva Director arranged Special Centers for Aadhar Enrollment of the School age Children and as such the DEO is directed to give instructions to Headmasters/Principals to utilize the services of Mee Seva for 100% Aadhar Enrollment.

Further it is informed that the collection of UDISE 201 7 data starts from 1st October 2017 based on data as on 30th September 2017. The UDISE DCF will be generated with child info database. After 30th September 2017 corrections in Enrollment will not be permitted in UDISE DCFs.

The following information is to be furnished in declaration Certificate along with the signature of Class Teachers /Headmasters/Principals from School Level and MEOs Signature from Mandal Level, with DEOs Signature from District Level by 5th October 2017 without fail.

Proc.Rc.No1335/TSSA/MIS/T7/2014, Dated: 28-06-2017

Sub : TSSA, Hyderabad - Enrollment of student with Aadhar Number in child info website-reg.
The attention all the District Educational Officers & Ex-officio District Project Officer in the State are informed that, migration of data from One class to Another class collected at NIC. Newly enrolled child wise information in 35 column format prescribed by GOI to be collected from school point and upload the information in child info website along with Aadhar Number.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio, Project Officers in the state are directed to instruct Mandal Educational Officers I MIS coordinators, Head Masters of the concerned schools to collect 35 column information of New admissions and upload in childinfo website along with Aadhar Number on or before 15.07.2017.

It is found that a variation in enrollment compared to UDISE 2015-16 and present day enrollment is found while collecting children adhaar IDs. In this connection, as per the instructions of the SPD, TSSA, Hyderabad, all the MEOs are requested to collect School-wise present day enrollment in the annexure attached to your mail and submit to DPO, SSA, Warangal by 20.03.2016 without fail so as to plan in case of children with NO adhaar IDs and INVALID adhaar IDs.

The MEOs are informed to stick upto the schedule.
1. Print out school-wise declaration forms.
2. Hold up a meeting with all the Headmasters and obtain the present day enrollment and declaration(optional).
3. fill up the further data at MRC level.
4. Submit all the declarations by 20.03.2016 without fail.
Note: Last date for completion of Adhaar child-info data entry and seeding process is 25.03.2016.

All the MISCOs and COs are informed that, Some of our MISCOs and COs had reported that the excel file previously attached is showing same data to all schools, So please check and confirm before printing.
   ( OR ) 

As per State Project Director, TSSA, Hyderabad orders it is most urgent:
All the MEOs are informed to as per following schedule depute MISCOs/CO's and one CRP and instructed them to attend Aadhaar Entry Special Camps along with entire data of all schools in your mandal. The uploading will be done from DPO, SSA, Warangal to make 100%.

Note: Any deviation in this schedule will be viewed seriously and appropriate action will be initiated against the absentees.
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