DGE/DSE Telangana instructions for conduct of TS SSC 2017 exams

DGE Telangana instructions for conduct of TS SSC 2017 exams

DGE Telangana instructions for conduct of TS SSC 2017 exams: Govt of Telangana, Director of Government, Examinations has given additional instructions to all the District Educational Officers and CSEs  in view of the incident occurred at Nalgonda district for smooth conduct of SSC Public Examinations, March 2016 through its Rc.No.12 on 23-03-2016 in the reference of Rc. 12,dt:11/01/2016-Instructions issued to Chief Superintendents and Departmental Officers. In continuation to this office instructions issued earlier vide reference cited, all the District Educational Officers are once again reiterated that to issue certain instructions to all the Chief Superintendents and Departmental Officers, Flying Squads, District Level Observers, Deputy Educational Officers Route Officers and Invigilators etc., to be more cautious, vigilant and scrupulously follow the instructions issued earlier and highlighting the following instructions while discharging their duties during the conduct of SSC Examinations.

Guidelines,Brief Notes,TS SSC Exams
1. No invigilators, Departmental Officers, Students and any other staff members shall carry the mobile phones to the Examination Centers, except the Chief Superintendent (Cell Phone without camera).
2. No candidate shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall till the completion of the Examination.
3. If any deviation is noticed, Action will be initiated as per Act of 25/1997 and existing rules in vogue and criminal cases will also be booked against the concerned staff.
4. The chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Sitting Squads and Police Personnel shall go in and around the Examination Centre during the Examinations.
5. It is mandatory to wear Identity cards by all the personnel involved in Examination duties. If any deviation is noticed, the Staff concerned will be suspended and disciplinary action will be initiated. The Chief Superintendent shall issue I.D cards to all the Centre Staff compulsorily.

6. If any outsider or unconcerned person found in the Examination Centre, action will be initiated against the Chief Superintendent and Departmental Officer.
7. If an Examination Centre having more than one gate, all the gates shall be closed and locked, except the front gate.
8. No student shall be allowed with Cell Phone and in the School Uniform.
9. Q.P shall be transported to the Examination Centres with the Police Escorts only.
10. Answer bundles shall be dispatched on the same day by Speed Post to the Spot Valuation Centres. Any deviations in this regard suitable disciplinary action will be initiated as per the existing norms.
11. If any untoward incident noticed, inform to the DEO, Dy.EO, DSP, RDO and other District and State Officers for immediate and necessary action.

Rc.No.18/B-1/2016 dt:29-03-2016.
Sub:- SSC Public Examinations, March 2016 - Prohibition of mobile in SSC Exam Centres including Chief Superintendents- Deterrent action under Act 25/1997 -Reg.
Ref:- AP Public Examinations (Prevention of malpractices and unfair means) Act - Act 25 of

I am to bring to your notice that the SSC Public Examinations have commenced on 21-03-2016 and will be completed by 09-04-2016. In order to conduct of examinations smoothly; detailed instructions have been issued to the staff concerned in the State, Prohibiting use of mobile phones by all personnel except Chief Superintendents without camera. lnspite of clear instructions, it is noticed that one Chief Superintendent has tried to take photograph of Question Paper and caught by the Police in Mahabubnagar District.

In this context, all the District Collectors / Superintendents of Police in the State are requested to issue instructions prohibiting use of mobile phones in the SSC Examinations Centres by all personnel on duty including Chief Superintendents, and also take action to close all the Xerox centers during the examinations time, to prevent leakage of question papers and initiate deterrent action under AP Public Examinations (Prevention of malpractices and unfair means) Act - Act 25 of
1997, against the persons who violated the instructions.

DGE Telangana instructions for conduct of TS SSC exams
Guidelines/Instructions/Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams
Instructions for Smooth Conduct of TS SSC Public Exams-TS DGE&DSE
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