Day 24 Spoken English to Teachers

Day 24 - Spoken English to Teachers

Spoken English to Teachers - Day 24: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, English lessons, Learn English.
Spoken English to Teachers,english grammar

SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-24 (18-4-2016)
1. పిల్లలు...మీలో ఎంతమంది వేసవి సెలవుల్లో Mid day meals తినడానికి school కి వస్తారు?
Children...How many of you will come to the school to have mid day meals during summer vacation?

2. పిల్లలు...ఈ Pen ఎవరిది?
Children...whose pen is this?

3. కిరణ్...నీ బెంచ్ క్రింద వున్న పేపర్ ని తీసి dust bin లో వెయ్యి.
Kiran...please pickup the paper which is under your desk and throw it in the dustbin.

4. యాదగిరి...నీకు ఎంతమంది పిల్లలు?
Yadagiri...How many children do you have?

5. వర్షం పడుతుంది.
It is raining.

What is tense?
Tense tells us time of an action.

Types of tenses 
1. Present tense
2. Past tense
3. Future tense

Present block
Present tense is further classified as
1.1 Simple Present
1.2 Present continuous
1.3 Present perfect
1.4 Present Perfect Continuous
Let us understand  Simple Present

To be able to talk about
1. Our Routines
2. Regular Actions
3. Likes and dislikes
4. Job responsibilities

1. I go for a morning walk.
2. We go to hill station every summer.
3. I like chocolates very much.
4. He motivates his students very well.

Sentence structure
Positive sentence :
I            |
We       |
             |-- + V1+Object+You+ time frame.
They__ |

Eg: 1. I submit  my lesson plans on time.
       2. We play cricket every Sunday.
       3. They visit their grandparents once in a year.
       4. You walk 200mts, then turn right.

He.     |  +V1(s, es, ies)+ object + time frame
She    |--
It     __|
1. He submits his lesson plans on time.
2. He plays cricket every Sunday.
3. She visits her grand parents once in a year.
4. The train arrives at 7am and leaves at 7.15 am.

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