Day 26 - Spoken English to Teachers

Day 26 - Spoken English to Teachers

Spoken English to Teachers - Day 26: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, English lessons, Learn English, Learn Tenses.
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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-26 (20-4-2016)
1. రవి మీ friends అందరికీ ప్రతిరోజు ఉదయం 8:30 ని!!లకు school కి రమ్మని చెప్పు.
Ravi, Inform all your friends to come to school daily at 8.30am.

2. పిల్లలు,మీరందరూ ప్రతిరోజు school కి ఉదయం 8:30 ని!! వచ్చి 10:30 భోజనం చేసి పోవాలె.
Children, you should all report to school at 8.30 am.  Have lunch at 10.30 and return home.

3. శ్రీను మీ friend వేణు ఈ రోజు school కి రాలేదు,ఎటుపోయిండు?
Srinu, your friend, Venu hasn't come to the school today. Where has he gone?

4. మల్లమ్మ ఈ రోజు ఏం కూర వండుతున్నవ్?
Which curry are you  preparing today malamma?

5. కిరణ్ సార్,DEO సార్ కి ఈ రోజు Mid day meals వివరాల message పంపించినవా?లేదా?
Kiran Sir,Have you sent the report of today's Mid day meals by message to DEO or not?

1. Simple Present tense is also used to indicate position, Status.
2. We also  use it to describe people,places and things in present.

Here we use 'be' forms in present tense
Be forms in the present tense are:
is  am  are

Sentence structure
Sub + is /am  / are + Object.
I .........      am
You.....     |
We.....      |   are
They... __|
He ....     |
She....     |     is
It ..... ___|

1. I am a teacher of English.
2. You are a workaholic person.
3. We are Indians
4. Our neighbours are very friendly but they are nosy.
5. Ramu is my student. He is intelligent.
6. My mother is very caring. She is good at cooking.
7. Hyderabad is a beautiful city.  It is also a happening city.

Negative Statement
Sentence structure:
Sub + is /am  / are + not+  Object.

I ........   am not
You.....     |
We.....      |are not/ aren't
They.   __|
He ......   |
She....     | is not / isn't
It....    __|

1. I am not a couch potato.
2. You aren't regular to classes.
3. We aren't insensitive.
4. They aren't systematic at their work.
5. He isn't very tall.
6. She isn't as clever as her sister.
7. Hyderabad is not an  expensive city.

Questions :
Is /are +subject + Object?

Is he a lawyer?
Is she beautiful?
Are you a graduate?
Are they NRIs?
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