Day 33-Spoken English to Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms

Day 33- Spoken English to Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms

Spoken English to Teachers - Day 33: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, Grammar, vocabulary, English lessons, Learn English, Learn Tenses. Day 33- Spoken English to Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms.

Spoken English,TS Teachers,Learn Tenses
SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-33(27-4-2016)
Simple Past Tense cont'd. ...

Simple Past Tense is also used to
- Describe people, places and things in the past.
- Here we use 'be' forms in past tense
Be forms in the past  tense are:
Was , Were

Sentence structure:
Sub + was/were + Object.
I ........  |
He ....   |
She....   |   was
It .... __|
You..... ...|
We....... ..|  were
They..    __|

1. I was studious in my school days.
2. He was sincere to his work earlier.
3. She was extremely shy and introvert a few years ago.
4. I was dead on my feet(very tired) after a very hectic day.

Negative sentence:
Sentence structure
Sub + was/were + not+  Object.

You  ......|
We...  ....| were not /
They..    _|  weren't

I  ..........|
He ..    ....|  was not /
She.....     |  wasn't
It ....    __|

1. I wasn't married 5 years ago.
2. He wasn't well yesterday.
3. We weren't familiar with the place.
4. They weren't regular       to the classes.
5. He wasn't very tall.
6. The flower vase was broken. But it wasn't my fault.
7. My village wasn't developed till last year.

Questions :
Was/were +subject + Object?

Was he the topper of the class?
Was she a popular singer?
Were the mangoes sweet?

1. Although  = (used as a conjunction / linker) in spite of (ఐనప్పటికీ /ఐతే)
Although he was a mathematics teacher, he taught english well.

2. Altogether  = entirely/completely  (పూర్తిగా / మొత్తముగా   )
Our picnic was altogether spoiled by the rain.

3. Abandon = give up /forsake/leave  (పూర్తి గా వదిలి వేయు/ పరిత్యజించిన)
Now a days most of the elderly people are being abandoned by their children.

4. Adapt= to adjust(స్వీకరించు / కొత్త పరిస్తితులకు అనువుగా వుండు )
Murali quickly adapted himself to his new school.

5. Adopt =  to accept and use ( అనుసరించి /అమలు చేయు / దత్తత )
All the teachers have adopted the DEO s proposal to speak English in their day to day life.

(Irregular Verbs)
Present-Past-Past participle
       V1       V2       V3
1. fly   -   flew  - flown
2. swim-swam-swum
3. ring  -  rang  - rung
4. break-broke-broken
5. run - ran - run
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