TMREIS Telangana Minorities Residential Schools List, Salient Features

TMREIS Telangana Minorities Residential Schools List, Salient Features

TMREIS Schools List, Telangana Minorities Residential Schools List, TMRS Salient Features, TMR Schools List, District wise list of TMR Schools, Telangana Minorities  Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) Locations of Residential Schools: Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS), Hyderabad The society is to provide high quality education for talented children belongs to minorities’ community, through pace setting residential school. TMREIS will be setup as an autonomous organization to establish and manage these residential schools. It is envisioned that there would be one school in each constituency of state. It comes to 192 schools in the state. 71 residential schools (39 BOYS and 32 GIRLS) were established in the first phase. Remaining 121 schools will be established in the second phase in June.

Telangana Minorities Residential Schools Salient Features:
1. Educate a Child to Empower Family, School of Excellence where your Child's life will change forever.
2. Fully Secured Environment For Girls
3. Free Rs.80,000/- worth education, Boarding, Food and Health Benefits per child, per year
4. Separate Campuses for Boys and Girls
5. Best Infrastructure, state of the Art
6. Best Teachers Passionate, Qualified and Caring
7. Best Curriculum, Intellectual, Spiritual and Physical Growth

121 new minorities residential schools to start functioning from this week: Around 53,000 students can be admitted in these schools. Already 48,000 admissions have been completed  while the remaining seats will be filled in next few days. The minority residential schools in the State will start functioning from this week across the State.

The Telangana government had sanctioned 71 schools last year and noticing the demand another 121 schools are being started this year. One lakh applications were received from across the State for admission into the residential school. The selection was done on merit basis through screening test. For now only classes V, VI and VII are being run in the schools and higher classes up to junior college level will be upgraded at a later stage. Appointment of teachers, principals and other staff at the schools had been completed in the schools. Temporary appointments have been made while the permanent will be made through the Telangana State Public Service Commission in next few months.

The government plans to construct residential schools on par with international schools on vast campuses measuring up to four to five acres of land away from populated areas. On every child annually one lakh rupees is being spent on board boarding, food and education. Apart from the education, the students will be trained to excel in sports and other co-curricular activities. Religious education is also been provided at the hostels to Muslim students. The schools will be inaugurated in three phases in all the districts of the State by the local caretakers and public representatives. While 50 schools were inaugurated on June 12 another 50 on June 16, the remaining 21 schools will be inaugurated on June 19.

The government was offering not only high quality education but also quality food and health facilities was a distinct improvement in the knowledge, health and confidence levels of the students
One glance and you do a double take. No, you are not at the wrong place. It is a government school alright – but in ambiance and looks every bit corporate. It’s a place where even children of the elite wished they could study. Government schools never had it so good. They are now out to beat the corporate schools at their own game. Well-groomed and nattily attired faculty – men in grey coat-tie, women in elegant blue saris. This chick and dapper look extends to classrooms, library and dormitories too. Telangana Minorities Residential (TMR) Schools are setting a new benchmark in education. They have come as a whiff of fresh air for poor Muslims. They can now fulfill their dream of educating their kids in top-tier schools at no cost.

The TRS government’s flagship programme to empower the economically backward minorities through education is proving a game changer. The idea of having a residential school is to focus on overall development of children. The image-building exercise is doing a world of good. The attractive uniform, nutritious food, customised bunker beds in dormitories, colourful duel-desk furniture in classrooms are a big hit with children.

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The Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) will be launching a total of 121 additional Minorities Residential Schools (MRS) in three phases by June 19. Among them, 50 schools would be launched in the first phase on Monday. The State government which has earmarked Rs 425 crore for this year (2017-18), has successfully completed an academic year for 71 schools which were launched last year.  Besides this, the government  has transferred 12 existing MRS and 2 Junior Colleges from TREI (Telangana Residential Educational Institutions )  Society to TMREIS taking the total tally of TMR schools and colleges in the State to 206.  TMREIS will provide corporate style education with high-class hostel and other facilities to more than 53,000 students this year.

Children will be encouraged to participate in games and sports and will be exposed to various scientific research and development activities such as Robotics. “Parents have shown tremendous interest in admitting their wards in TMR Schools this year. Classes 5th  to 8th are run in the existing 71 TMR schools, where as classes 5th to 7th will be opened  in the new TMR Schools.

Selection of temporary staff including Principals and Deputy Wardens already completed and they have taken charge at their respective schools. Qualified teachers are appointed on outsourcing basis. The admissions in districts have almost completed.

TMREIS/Telangana Minorities Residential Schools List: SCHOOL LIST
1.- TMREIS/TMR Schools 5th, 6th, 7th Classes Admission notification

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