TSTET 2019: Invigilators Duties, Model OMR Sheet, Instructions to TET Candidates


TSTET 2019: Invigilators Duties, Model OMR Sheet, Instructions to TET Candidates

TSTET 2019 Invigilators Duties, Model OMR Sheet: Government of Telangana State, School Education Department is going to conduct TSTET 2017 on 1st May 2017. The State government has made elaborate arrangements for conducting first Teacher Eligibility Test. In this connection, DSE and Chairperson, TS TET May 2017 has given instructions to all the personnel involved in conducting TSTET. Collector and District Magistrate, DEO, Joint Custodian, District Observer, Route Officer, Chief Superintendent/Departmental Officer Hall Superintendent and Invigilator are the involved in conduct of TSTET at District Level. Here, Invigilator's duties are provided.

TSTET,Invigilators Duties,Model OMR Sheet

1. The Invigilators shall report at O/o the District Collector at 12.00 NOON to know their examination Centre and then proceed to report to the Chief Superintendent at 2.00 PM on 22-07-2017 at the Examination Centre and receive instructions.
2. The Invigilators shall report to the Chief Superintendent on 23.07.2017 at 7.00 A.M. for the Morning Session and at 12.00 NOON for the Afternoon Session.
3. On 23.07.2017 the Invigilator will be responsible for distribution of OMR Answer Sheets at 9.15 A.M. for the Morning Session and 2.15 PM for the Afternoon Session (at the stroke of 1st Bell) and collection of unused Answer Sheets and unused Question Booklets by 9.45 A.M. for the Morning Session and 2.45 PM for the Afternoon Session
4. In case any candidate brings to the notice of the Invigilator that the Pre-printed OMR Answer Sheet is either spoiled or teared or not properly printed then the matter may be taken to the notice of the Hall Superintendent who in turn shall take it to the notice of the Chief Superintendent and get a Buffer OMR in its place. The Invigilator should see that all the particulars on the Buffer OMR Answer Sheet are properly filled. In any case buffer OMR Answer Sheet should not be issued for incorrect details in the pre-printed data. Such corrections should be made in the Nominal Roll cum Attendance Sheet.

5. The Hall Superintendents and the Invigilators are responsible for the distribution of Question Paper Booklets at 9.30 AM for the Morning Session and 2.30 PM for the Afternoon Session (at the stroke of 2nd Bell).
6. The Hall Superintendent and the Invigilators should be responsible
a. To check whether the Pre-printed particulars of the candidates are properly printed.
b. To check whether the candidates have filled the particulars to be filled by the candidates on the OMR Answer Sheets correctly.
c. To tally the particulars of the candidates given on the Pre-printed OMR Answer Sheet and Nominal Roll cum Attendance Sheet with Photographs and Signature.
d. To take the signature of the candidates on the Nominal Roll cum Attendance Sheet with Photographs and Signature and tally the same with Pre-printed Signature.
e. To ensure that the candidates have correctly mentioned their question paper booklet code on the OMR answer sheet.
f. To collect used OMR answer sheet at 12.00 NOON for the Morning Session and 5.00 PM for the Afternoon Session.

7. Candidates will bring two copies of Hall tickets to the Centre. Out of them the invigilator should take "office copes" after verifying the details and photo then it shall be handed over to the Hall Superintendent.
8. Attend to other specific duties, if any, communicated by District Collector /DEO / Chief Superintendent from time to time.

Don't forget to fill the Booklet Code in TS TET OMR Sheet:
The candidates who attend the TET exam are care. Do not forget to fill the booklet code with the black ball point pent on your OMR Sheet. No matter what you have done .. If you forget to fill out the code .. you waste all the effort. If you do not fill the code, the OMR sheet is considered invalid.

Scanners do not evaluate the OMR sheet. The result will not come out. Thousands of candidates have been felicitated due to the mistake made during this tests. The authorities want the candidates to be careful not to make such mistakes for TSTET test. The teacher eligiblity test is ready for conducting the examination. The test was to be held across the state on Sunday.

The exam will be held from 9 am to 30 pm and 12 pm for paper-1 exam and from 2: 30 pm and 5 pm for paper-2 exam. Strong provision for testing and maintenance of the test. Candidates have been invited to the examination centers for one hour before. Cell phones, Calculators and watches are not allowed to the examination hall. If you have any problems please contact 040 -65537350 helpline number.

Read the following instructions carefully before using the OMR answer sheet.
Use Black Ball Point Pen to shade the circles
1. Do not Fold, Tear, Wrinkle or Staple the OMR Sheet.
2. Side-II of the OMR Answer Sheet contains Pre-printed details of the Candidate. Candidates may go through them carefully. If the candidate finds any discrepancy in Candidate's Name, Father's/Mother's Name, the same may be shown to the Invigilator for correction in the Nominal Roll Cum Attendance sheet. Candidates are not permitted to make changes in Paper Code, Q P Medium/Language-1 offered, Optional Subject. Do not claim Buffer OMR Answer Sheet for changes in the Pre-printed data of the Candidate.
3. In case the OMR Answer Sheet is spoiled, damaged or the print (other than the pre-printed data of the candidate) is not clear the same may be shown to the Invigilator for issue of Buffer OMR Answer Sheet. Candidate has to fill all the details on the Buffer OMR Answer Sheet in the appropriate places.
4. Do not tamper the Barcode and Black reference point on Side-II.
5. Shade the circles corresponding to the answers completely. Use Black Ball Point Pen to shade the circles.
6. Answer all the questions. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
7. Shade One answer only for each question as shown below.
TSTET 2017: Invigilators Duties and  Model OMR Sheet
8. Incase you do not follow the above instructions, Computer would not read the answer properly. Your answer would be invalidated and you would lose marks.
9. Marking Booklet Code: Please shade the corresponding circle of the booklet code issued to you in the box provided at top right hand corner of SIDE-II. If you do not shade the booklet code your OMR Answer Sheet will not be valued.

TSTET 2017 Hall Tickets
TSTET 2017 Exam date : 23-07-2017
TSTET 2017 Results on 05-08-2017
TSTET 2017 Model OMR Sheet

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