Day 43-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms

Day 43-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms

Spoken English to School Teachers - Day 43: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, Grammar, vocabulary, English lessons, Learn English, Learn Tenses. Day 43- Spoken English to Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms.

Spoken English,School Teachers,Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms


We observed Future Continuous Tense.
Let's see Future Perfect tense  today.....

Future Perfect tense
Definition :
It is used to express an action which will occur in future and is thought to be completed in future.
It expresses a sense of completion

Example, “Raman will have gone tomorrow”.
It shows a sense of completion of an action (go) which will occur in future (tomorrow).

Grammar focus: 
In this we use
1. Will have
2. V3 (past participle)

Structure of sentence:
Positive sentence
subject + will have  + V3 + object.

1. She will have finished the work by Wednesday.
2. They will have left for home by the time  he gets up.    
3. He will have joined  a job.

Negative sentence
Subject + will not have + V3  + Object

1. She won't  have returned from Delhi  by Wednesday.
2. They will have watched the show by the time I reach home.
3. I will not have rejected the offer.

Will + Subject +have+ V3 + object ?

1. Will they  have managed to reach there?
2. Will he have accepted the proposal?
3. Will she have decorated the hall properly?

1.Esteem =Respect and admiration( ఉన్నత మైన అభిప్రాయం కలిగిఉండు/ గౌరవం/ గౌరవించు)
Dr.Abdul Kalam was held in high esteem by the people of India.
(hold - held - held)

2. excite= Feel eager and enthusiastic( ఉత్తేజపరుచు / ఉద్రేక పరుచు )
The students were excited above their results.
(excite  - excited)

3. Exceed= Go beyond the limits / to be greater in number or size(  మితిమీరు/ అధిగమించు )
If our Internet package exceeds the limit,  we need to pay more.
(exceed-- exceeded)

4. extroverted = An out going and socially active person( బహిర్ముఖుడు)
Mr.Ramesh is an extrovert and gets on very well with people.

5. introvert= a person who is shy and don't open up easily( అంతర్ముఖుడు  )
Being an introvert, Kavita doesn't like going to a loud party.
(introvert - introverted)

6. Ambivert: a person whose personality is intermediate between extrovert and introvert.
I am an ambivert. I'm an extrovert With my friends and introvert with strangers.

(Irregular Verbs)
Present-Past-Past participle
       V1       V2       V3
1. bear - bore- borne
2. deal- dealt- dealt
3. grind-ground-ground
4. sink -sank- sunk
5. swear -swore-sworn
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