Day 45-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Tenses, Prepositions

Day 45-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Tenses, Prepositions

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Dear friends
As we have already learnt all the forms of tenses, lets now revise them at a glance.
1.1 I play cricket everyday.( simple present)
2.1. I played cricket yesterday. (Simple past)
3.1. I will play cricket tomorrow. (Simple future)
1.2 I am playing cricket now. ( Present continuous)
2.2 I was playing cricket. (Past continuous)
3.2. I Will be playing cricket. ( Future continuous)
1.3. I have played cricket .( Present Perfect )
2.3. I had played cricket. (Past Perfect)
3.3. I will have played cricket.(Future Perfect)
1.4. I have been playing cricket for four years.( Present Perfect Continuous )
2.4 I had been playing cricket for four years. (Past PerfectContinuous )
3.4. I will have been playing cricket for four years(Future Perfect Continuous )
We hope that you would use these forms of tenses properly and speak effectively.

1. Fabricate = to invent false information to trick( అల్లు/ కల్పించు )
Many parents fabricate stories to put their children to sleep at bed time.
(fabricate - fabricated)

2. Fiancée= A woman that a man is engaged to(కాబోయే భార్య )
My brother and his fiancée went out for dinner last night.
( go - went - gone)

3. Fasten = to tie or attach (బిగించు / గట్టిగా బంధించు )
The air-hostess asked the passengers to fasten their seat belts.
(ask - asked)
(fasten - fastened)

4. Fraternity = (సౌభ్రాత్ర్వుత్వము )
The conference encouraged a feeling of fraternity among the scientists.
(encourage- encouraged)

5. Float = To stay on water.(తేలియాడు)
A log of wood floats on water.
(float - floated)

6. Paternity leave: (పిత్రుత్వపు సెలవు )
Male employees are entitled to avail paternity leave for 15 days.

Yesterday we have observed the usage of prepositions of time.
The same prepositions ( on, in, at ) are also uded to talk about the place.
Today let us observe

Preposition of place:
Generally, we use at, in and on when we talk about the location of things.

a) Indicate small area. E.g. locality
Ex: 1. The Ranga Reddy DEO office at Lakdi ka pool.
b) Indicates particular place / place of work.
Ex: 1. We discussed the matter at the meeting.
2. I met my friend at the bus stop.
3. He works at the Tajmahal hotel.

In – is used for large areas, countries, continents, capital cities, places of
work and for residence where no specific place is mentioned.
1. Srinivas works in a hospital
2. My cousin stays in the U.S.A.

In – signifies inside
1. The jewellery is in the box.
2. We are in the classroom.

On – to indicate position in relation to another object.
1. The book is on the table.
2. The doctor’s clinic is on the 1st floor.
3. The nameplate is on the door.
4. The boy sat on the bench.

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