Day 46-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

Day 46-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-46(10-05-2016)
Dear friends today, let's observe the usage of  'Used to' structure

Application :
1. It is mainly used to talk about habits in the past and not continued in the present.
2. Action that happened regularly in the past and doesn't happen anymore.

'Used to' is used ONLY to talk about the past habitual action.
You can only use it in the simple past tense. It is not used in any other verb tense.

Grammar focus
In this structure we use
1. Used to
2. didn't use to/ never used to

Sentence structure:
Positive :
Subject + used to + V1 + object +time frame.

Negative structure:
Subject + didn't use to + V1+object
Subject + never +used to + V1 + object.

1. I used to play cricket when I was in school.
2. He never used to bunk classes in the college.
3. My brother used to enjoy riding a bike five years ago.
4.  She used to participate in all the inter school competitions.
5. I used to go to school on foot.
6. We used to go to church every Sunday.
7. I never used to attend tuition classes.

We often use 'used to' to emphasize a contrast between the past and Present.

Words often mistaken:
We often misuse certain words. Let us observe and get a clarity.
1 . brake / break:
brake: వేగాన్ని నిరోధించే పరికరం
The car stopped as she  applied the brake.

break: పగలగొట్టి
When did she break the window pane?

2.fare / fair:

fare: ప్రయాణముకు అయ్యే ఖర్చు
The flight fare to chennai is lesser than the first ac fare by train.

fair: సంత
We have a fair in our village every Wednesday.

3.peace / piece
peace: శాంతి
The white colour in the Indian National flag stands for peace.

piece: ముక్క
Rajesh wanted to have a large piece of cake.

4. gilt / guilt
gilt: బంగారు పూత
The flower vase was covered with gilt.

guilt: నేరము / పాపం
The jury determines the defendant's guilt or innocence. / sight
Site: అనువైన స్థలం
I have a plan to purchase a site in Jubliee Hills.

sight: చూపు /  దృష్టి
If your sight is poor, you shouldn't drive a car.

Today lets observe the difference in the usage of 'among and between'

Among –
It refers to people or things when you are talking about them as a group.
It talks about the position in relation to other.
1) Kalpana Chawla was the only woman astronaut among those chosen for the space trip.
2) Mr. Sharma has divided his property among his 5 sons.

Between –
It is used for two persons or two things.
It talks about the position seperating two objects / persons.
1) There will be a competition between Rahul and Priyanka for the Prime ministership.
2) The letter ‘y’ lies between ‘x’ and ‘z’.

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