Day 48-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

Day 48-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

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Spoken English,School Teachers,Learn Grammar

SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-48 (12-5-2016)
Dear friends,
Let's learn to express our abilities or our strengths using "can and could" today.
Both Can and Could are Modal Verbs. In general Could is considered more polite (or formal) that Can.

CAN is used in the present tense
COULD is used in to past tense.
The three main uses of Can are:
1) ability in present
2) possibility and
3) permission , request and offer .

Sub+can+V1+other words
1. I can play the drums. (Ability)
2. My father and I can speak Hindi. (Ability)
3. A bird can fly in the sky. (Ability)
4. I know you can win the competition. ( possibility)
5. Well, I think your car can be repaired, but it's not going to be cheap.( possibility)

Sub+can't+V1+other words.
1. My grand father is old now so he can't walk fast.( inability)
2. My cousin can't speak Telugu.( inability)
3. She can't speak English fluently.( inability)
4. We can't complete the project on time due to power cut in our area.( possibility)

Can+sub+V1+other words?
1. Can you sew buttons on your shirt?(Ability)
2. Can you lend me your book,please?(Request)
3. Can I get you a cup of tea?(Offer)

Could is similar to Can and often replaces Can in the past tense.
Sub+could+V1+other words
1. Kapil Dev could blow very fast.(Ability)
2. Rajiv Gandhi could fly any aircraft.(Ability)
3. I could play chess when I was eight.(Ability)
4. I could ride a horse when I was younger but now I can't. (Ability)
5. She could juggle eight balls when she was only 10 years old.(Ability)
6. He could read when he was three years old.(Ability)
7. He could earn huge profits only because of his presence of mind. (Possibility)

Sub+couldn't +V1+other words
1. I couldn't speak English when I was in school.
2. Sheela couldn't score 100% in maths. They were deaf. They couldn't hear what was said.

1. Could you shut the door,please?(Request)
2. Could I speak to the manager,please?(Formal request)
3. Could you repeat that please?
4. Could I please use your bathroom?
5. Could we move on to the next topic now please?
6. Could you pass me the salt please?
7. I'm busy right now. Could you call back ?

Note: Requests and permissions are usually on the question form.
Here can is used to express informal requests.
For eg: can you switch off the lights please'?
Where as "could" is used to express formal requests.. could you switch off the light please?

formal and informal conversation:
We use formal and informal conversation .
We talk in Informal situation with our
1. Parents
2. Friends
3. Relatives
3.with people we are close to....

We talk in formal situation with
1. Elders
2. Strangers
3. People who hold higher positions - officials
4. Boss

1. Generosity : దాన గుణం / ధాత్రుత్వము the quality of being kind and generous.
Eg: Purnima was well known among her colleagues for her generosity.

2.Grab: అందుకోవడం/లాక్కోవడము grasp or seize suddenly and roughly.
Eg: He just grabbed the bag from my hand and ran off.

3. Gregarious : (of a person) సంఘం లో జీవించుట/నలుగురు లో ఉండుట fond of company; sociable.
Eg: My aunt's gregarious nature made her a popular guest at the neighbourhood parties.

1. Sachet = పెద్దసంచి,గోనె
2. Sag = బలహీనమగు,సాగిపోవు
3. Saint = పవిత్ర వ్యక్తి,ముని
4. Sanctum = గర్భగుడి, పవిత్రస్థలము
5. Satire = పరిహాసము
6. Savage = ఆటవికమైన
7. Scud = వేగంగా గంతులు వేస్తూ పరిగెత్తు
8. Ward = కావలి,సంరక్షణం

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