Day 49-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

Day 50-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-49(13-05-2016)

Dear friends,
It's time for us understand and learn the usage of Should/ Shouldn't and has to/ have to

We use should / shouldn't to talk about :
Right or wrong thing to do in a situation or at a place.
Suggestions / advice

Grammar focus:
Should/ Shouldn't
Here we use Should / shouldn't- modal verb V1

Sentence Structure
Positive :
Subject+should+V1+other words.
1.Students should go to bed and rise early. ( Right thing)
2.To improve on English, we should read an English newspaper everyday. ( Right thing)
3.We should offer our seat to older people in bus. ( Right thing)
4.We should pay attention to the lecture. ( Right thing)
5.We should secure doors and windows before we go out. ( precaution)
6.We should install antivirus to protect our system.

Subject+shouldn't+V1+other words.
1.One shouldn't drink tea or coffee in excess.
2.We shouldn't litter public places.
3.Students shouldn't go unprepared for interviews.

APPLICATION- it is used to indicate obligations or external compulsions/ rules and regulations.

sub+has to+V1+other words.
Sub+have to+V1+other words.
1.There is no direct bus from here to Kota. You have to change the bus at the station.
2.During vacations you have to reserve seats in advance on any train.
3.There is no lift in this complex. You have to go up stairs.

APPLICATION- indicates past compulsions and obligations.
Sub+had to+V1+other words.
1.I had to take long leave when I was unwell.
2.Rajita had to produce her I.D. Card to enter the exam hall.
3.Mr.Sinha had to have a license to possess a gun.

Words often mistaken:
We often misuse certain words. Let us observe and get a clarity.
1 . bottle / battle: 
Bottle: (బాటిల్) సీసా
I always carry my water bottle wherever I go.

battle: (బెటీల్ ) యుద్ధం
King Ashoka adopted Buddhism after the Kalinga battle.

2.People / pupil
People: (పీపుల్ ) ప్రజలు
Many people were waiting at the bus stop.
Pupil: (ప్యుపిల్) విద్యార్ధి / కనుపాప
How many pupils have passed in SSC from your school?

3. adopt / adapt
adopt: దత్తత చేసుకోను / అమలు చేయు / అనుసరించు
The recently elected body adopted new approach to solve the problems.
adapt: స్వీకరించు /కొత్త పరిస్తితులకు అనువుగా ఉండు
we need to adapt to the curriculum which student centric

4. live / leave
live: బ్రతికివుండు/జీవించు
One cannot live without air and water
leave: (లీవ్) వదిలి / విడిచి
I was just getting ready to leave the house when the door bell rang.

5.pole / poll
Pole: (పోల్) స్తంభం / ధ్వజము
All the electricity poles were replaced after the storm
Poll: (పోల్) ఎన్నికలలో ఓటు వేయు /క్రియ /సంఖ్య /
The GHMC polling was conducted peacefully.

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