Day 50-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

Day 50-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

Spoken English to School Teachers - Day 50: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, Grammar, vocabulary, English lessons, Learn English, Learn Tenses. Day 50- Spoken English to Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms,Prepositions,Structures,Grammar focus,Words often mistaken.

Spoken English,School Teachers.Learn Grammar

SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-50(14-05-2016)
Words often mistaken:
Let us observe some more words that we often get confused.
1 .except /accept:
accept: అంగీకరించు
to take willingly
The new store accepts all credit cards.

except: మినహా excluding
The museum is open daily except Mondays .

2. hole / whole
hole: రంధ్రం
a gap / space
My neighbour's dog dug a hole in my garden.
whole:మొత్తం complete
We spent the whole day at the museum/ zoo..

3. quiet / quite
without noise or sound.
The examination hall was very quiet as the students were writing their exams

quite: చాలా completely
The student was not quite sure of the answer to a tricky problem in the Math paper.

4. Principal /principle:
Principal: ప్రధాన main / head of a school or business.
In spite of the intense summer heat, the man had to push his fruit cart, as it was his principal source of income

Principle: సూత్రం/సిద్ధాంతం belief
India runs on the principles of democracy.

5. weather/ whether
weather: వాతావరణము related to climate.
The weather cooled down a lot after the recent showers

whether: అని / ఒకవేళ if
I am not sure whether she would like the gift.

Learn these prepositions today....
1. Below
2. Above
3. Under
4. Over

Below– is used for lower than.
1) Candidates below 18 years cannot get membership to this club.
2) The temperature in Ladakh goes below 0° C.

Above – is used for higher than.
1) The bank is above the showroom.
2) You have to be above average to get admission in a good college.

Under – is used for vertically below.
1) She rested under the tree.
2) She keeps the keys under the pillow.

Over – is used for vertically above.
1) The plane flew over the hill.
2) The thief jumped over the wall.
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