Day 51-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

Day 51-Spoken English to School Teachers - Learn Grammar

Spoken English to School Teachers - Day 51: Spoken English training to teachers by whatsapp, Innovative spoken English Programme, Day wise spoken English classes, whatsapp English course, 5 words-5 sentences-pro verbs, Grammar, vocabulary, English lessons, Learn English, Learn Tenses. Day 51- Spoken English to Teachers - Learn Tenses,Vocabulary,Verb forms,Prepositions,Structures,Grammar focus,Words often mistaken.

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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-51(15-05-2016)
Should have
This past modal verb is all used hypothetically, to talk about things that didn't really happen in the past.

Should have
In this structure , we use
1.Should have
2. Past participle (V3)

1. Should have + past participle
can mean something that would have been a good idea, but that you didn't do it.
Note: It's like giving advice about the past when you say it to someone else, or regretting what you did or didn't do when you're talking about yourself.
Shouldn't have + past participle means that something wasn't a good idea, but you did it anyway.

Structure :
Subject + Should have + V3 + Object

Subject + Shouldn't have + V3 + Object
1. I should have studied harder!
smile emoticon I didn't study very hard and so I failed the exam. I'm sorry about this now.)
2. I should have gone to bed early.
smile emoticon I didn't go to bed early and now I'm tired).
3. I shouldn't have eaten so much cake!
smile emoticon I did eat a lot of cake and now I don't feel good.)
4.You should have called me when you arrived
smile emoticon you didn't call me and I was worried. I wish that you had called me).
5. Jignesh should have left early, then he wouldn't have missed the plane
smile emoticon but he didn't leave early and so he did miss the plane).

2: We can also use should have + past participle
to talk about something that, if everything is normal and okay, we think has already happened. But we're not certain that everything is fine,
so we use 'should have' and not the present perfect or past simple. It's often used with 'by now'.
1. His plane should have arrived by now
smile emoticon if everything is fine, the plane has arrived).
2. Jaya should have finished work by now
smile emoticon if everything is normal, Jaya has finished work).
We can also use this to talk about something that would have happened if everything was fine, but hasn't happened.

Words often mistaken:
Let us observe some more words that we often get confused.
1 .affect / effect: 
affect: ( అఫేక్ట ) ప్రభావితం చేయు to have an influence on something.
The unseasonal rains affected the mango crop badly.

ffect: ( ఇఫేక్ట ) ప్రభావము
I tried the medicine you suggested but it didn't have any effect.

2.bare/ bear
bare: ( బెయ (ర్ )) ఆచ్చాదన లేకుండా/ఉత్త
without any clothes or cover.
Don't walk bare foot in the hot sun.

bear:( బెయ (ర్ )) మోయు / భరించు / భల్లూకము
accept/ tolerate something unpleasant
Please tell me the facts. I can't bear the suspense any more.

3.complement / compliment
complement: (కాంప్లీమెంట్) జంటగ వచ్చేది
to supplement / to complete by adding.
Ginger really complements the flavor of vegetables in a stir fry.

compliment:(కాంప్లీమెంట్) అభినందన to praise
That was an excellent meal. My compliments to the chef.
( chef- skilled cook వంట వాడు )

4. dairy /diary:
dairy: ( డైరీ ) పాల ఉత్పత్తి కేంద్రం place where milk and milk products are made.
I stopped taking dairy products due to obesity.
(obesity - over weight- స్థూలకాయము)

diary: ( డయరీ ) దినచర్య
a book where we record our feelings and thoughts.
Writing a diary is a good habit.

5. weak/ week:
weak: ( వీక్ ) బలహీనము not strong.
She is still feeling a bit weak after her heart surgery.

week: ( వీక్ ) వారము seven days
We go out for dinner to a restaurant once a week.
My family goes out for a movie once a week.

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