Day 59-Spoken English to teachers -Language Functions

Day 59-Spoken English to teachers -Language Functions

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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-59(26-5-2016)
Language functions
Language functions refer to the purposes in which we use language to communicate. We use language for a variety of formal and informal purposes, and specific grammatical structures and vocabulary are often used with each language function. Some examples of language functions include:
- Self introduction/ Introducing others
- Asking opinion, giving opinion , agreeing and disagreeing
-  Complimenting and responding
- Appreciating and responding
- Complaining and handling complaints
- Asking for advise and giving advise
- Asking information , giving information
- Persuasion
- Asking questions
- Expressing likes and dislikes. And many more.......

Today we will look at the phrases to be used to give introduction
a) Self Introduction
Here are expressions to introduce yourself:
🔸 I am……. (Mr. / Miss. / Mrs + family name)
🔸 My name is …
🔸 I’m ….
🔸 Nice to meet you; I’m …
🔸 Pleased to meet you; I’m …
🔸 Let me introduce myself; I’m …
🔸 I’d like to introduce myself; I’m …
🔸 Let me introduce myself to you.
🔸Allow me to introduce myself to you.

b) Introducing people:
🔺 May I introduce you to ….?
🔺 Let me introduce you to …?
🔺 I’d like you to meet ….
🔺 I don’t think you have met …, do you?
🔺 You haven’t met …, have you?
🔺 Have you met …?
🔺 Do you know …?
🔺 This is ….

c) Responding to introductions:
🔹 (It’s) nice to meet you.
🔹 Nice meeting you.
🔹 (I’m) pleased to meet you.
🔹 Happy to meet you.
🔹 Glad to know you.
🔹 How do you do?
🔹 It’s an honour to know you.
🔹 It’s my pleasure to have acquaintance with you.
Expressions used in informal situation :
Hi, Hello, morning, fine thanks, bye, see you.
_Examples of Introducing :_
1. Hello, my name is Kiran . I live in Hyderabad but I was born in Karimnagar on May 2nd , in 1998. I am pursuing BTech from JNTU . I choose to study here because ....

2. Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Purvi. I’m sixteen years old. I was born on October 17th, 2002 in Mahboobnagar . I like to study here because.....

3. Good Morning, please allow me to introduce myself I am Rakesh . I was born in Delhi on July 26th, 2001. Now I live in this city, therefore I choose this MBA to study....

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