Day 61-Spoken English to teachers -Expressing Compliment -Learn Grammar

Day 61-Spoken English to teachers -Expressing Compliment -Learn Grammar

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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-61(28-5-2016)

Compliment is an expression that we show or say to express/give praise. Compliments express approval and are aimed at showing that you like some aspect of the other person’s appearance, belonging or work. It is also to appreciate other people, but overuse of compliments might seem insincere. for example:
* on his/her general appearance
* if you notice something new about the person’s appearance
* when you visit someone’s house for the first time
* when other people do their best

Expressions of Compliment
* What a nice dress!
* You look great.
* You look very nice/beautiful/handsome.
* I really must express my admiration for your dance.
* Good grades!
* Excellent!
* Nice work!
* Terrific.
* I would like compliment you on …
* I think your (hair) is very nice.
* I just love your (dress).
* The (chicken) is very delicious.
* I really like your (skirt).
* This (cheese) is super.
* That’s neat.
* That’s nice.
* That’s not bad.
* Pretty good.

The responses:
* Thank you.
* Really ?
* I will.
* Thanks a lot.
* Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.
* Thank you but really isn’t anything special.
* Thank you. Yours is even nicer.
* I’m glad you like it.

Sample Dialogue.
1. Hemanth :What a great Motorcycle you have, Budi.
Bhaskar : Thank you, Hemanth. I just finished modifying it.
Hemanth: You mean this is the old motorcycle that you used to ride to school?
Bhaskar : Yes, it is.
Hemanth: It looks a lot different. What did you do to it?
Bhaskar : Not much. I had it paint with a brighter colour and add some new accessories.
Hemanth: Great job!
Bhaskar : Thanks.

Compliments on successes
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: I would like to compliment you on your recent achievement.
B: Thank you for saying so, but it was the work of the whole team.
A: The essay you wrote was superb. I'd like to use it as a model for other students.
B: Thank you. I'd be so honored.
2. Compliments on possessions

Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: That's a nice T-shirt you're wearing.
B: I appreciate the compliment. It was a birthday present from one of my classmates.
A: Your new car looks terrific.
B: Thank you. It's very economical.
3. Compliments on appearance

Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: I think your new hairstyle is lovely.
B: That's nice of you to say so. I love yours, too.
A: I really like your blue eyes. They make you look like a movie star.
B: Thank you. That's a nice compliment.
4. Compliments on skills

Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: I've never heard any singer perform that song so beautifully.
B: Thank you. It's really nice to hear that from someone with your experience.
A: The chicken was delicious.
B: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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