Day 62-Spoken English to teachers -Inviting, Accepting & Declining Invitation-Grammar

Day 62-Spoken English to teachers -Expressing Compliment -Learn Grammar

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SPOKEN ENGLISH DAY-62(29-5-2016)


* Would you like to ….
* Could you come to…
* I’d very much like
* Would you care to ….
* I’ll really happy if you come to….
* I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed to come to….

_Accepting an Invitation:_
* Thank you for inviting me.
* I would/will ….
* That would be very nice.
* I’d like to love to come.
* That’s fine.
* Sure. Why not?

_Declining an Invitation_
* I’m very sorry, I don’t think I can.
* I’d like to, but ….
* Thank you for asking me, but ….
* Unfortunately, I can’t ….

Conversation 1 – Informal
A: “What are you doing on Friday night?”
B: “Nothing special. Why?”
A: “Do you wanna see a movie?”
B: “Sure! What time?”
A: “Can I pick you up around 7?”
B: “Sounds good.”
* “pick you up” means that person A will go to person B’s house and take person B to the movie. .
* “Sounds good” means that person B approves of this plan.

Conversation 2 (Formal)
A: “Are you free next Saturday?”
B: “I believe so.”
A: “We were wondering if you’d like to go to a cricket match with us. We have an extra ticket.”
B: “I’d love to!”
* “We were wondering if…” makes the invitation less direct. It can be used in formal situations, or in informal situations if the person making the invitation is a little shy .

Conversation 3(Formal)
A: “We’re going to the Italian restaurant. Would you care to join us?”
B: “I’d love to, but I’m afraid I have another commitment this evening. Maybe another time.”
* “Would you care to join us?” is used in more formal conversation.
* “Maybe another time” means that person B would like to be invited by person A again in the future. Another phrase used for this is “Can I take a rain check?”

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Day wise Spoken English to Teachers-Grammar


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