Instructions on Prof Jayashankar Badibata Enrollment drive in TS schools

Instructions on Prof Jayashankar Badibata Enrollment drive in Warangal schools

Instructions on Prof Jayashankar Badibata Enrollment drive in TS Schools: TSSA Officials has given instructions to all the DEOs/ MEOs on Prof Jayashankar Badibata Enrollment drive in TS schools, Online text books monitoring system, SMS Based MDM monitoring system, Teachers online data, Telanganaku Haritha Haram, School Education TOLL FREE and VVs Selections. These instructions as follows..
1. On April 3rd Enrollment at least 5% to be increased.
2. Zero enrollment schools – must be increase their strength and enrollment to be done there by teachers posted there.
3. 1-10 enrollment schools and 11-20 enrollment schools enrollment to be increased.
4. After BADIBATA according to new strength, Govt. would take appropriate decisions On April 13 the enrollment of the students to be given.

Prof Jayashankar Badibata,Enrollment drive,Warangal schools

Enrollment of the children - Professor Jayashankar Badibata 2017:
1. The Badibata campaign to improve the enrollment In way of meeting the parents and community members in the school catchment area by the Head Master, teachers and SMC Members. The Badibata campaign shall be conducted in two spells i.e..
Badibata campaign
Spell I: from 03.04.2017 to 13.04.2017 (8 days) and
Spell II: from 01.06.2017 to 00.06.2017(may be).
2. The Head Masters and teachers shall conduct a Compaign to get the children and improve the enrollment during Badibata.
3. The Head Master of Primary School is responsible to take all the children of Class V and join in the nearby Upper Primary/ high School along with TCs and enroll them and see that all children get enrolled in the higher classes. The head Master of the High Schools shall receive the students along with head Master and parents and enroll the students.
4. The Head Master of Upper Primary schools are responsible to take all the children of Class VII / VIII and join in the nearby High Schools along with TCs and enroll them and see that all children get enrolled in the higher classes. The head Master of the High Schools shall RN:eke the students along with (lead Master and parents and enroll the students.
5. The Head Master of Primary Schools and Upper Primary Schools are requested to conduct -Samuhika Akshara Abhyasam Festival on 24.03.2017 in the school premises by decorating the school and inviting the parents and community members. The Head Master may arrange slates, note books, pencils etc.. to the newly enrolled children through community support. Detailed guidelines will be issued on Badi Bata from SSA

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5. Teachers to maintain school timings to be properly because complaints are coming DSC toll free and district toll free.
6. 25% of schools in every district come under BIO METRIC system.
7. MEOs to invite Dy.EO and one sectoral Officer in Prof Jayashankar Badibata drive.
8. Involve MPPs ZPTCs, MPTC's, Sarpunchs especially, SMC's, Ward members in BADIBATA.
9. Involve also NGOs, all unions, retired teachers, people's representatives
10. VVs will b arranged immediately in vacancies immediately
11. The 476 EM Schools permission copies will be given by the A section Superindent to the HMs after submitting their SMC,Teachers, Grama Panchayath resolutions.

Badi Bata programme,slogans

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2. Basic infra structure facilities:
All the schools should have 6 facilities
1. Toilets with running water.
2. Compound wall
3. Electricity.
4. Drinking water.
5. Kitchen shed
6. Attractive atmosphere
• .Rs 5000 will be released for infrastructure immediately by SSA to every school, school grant also will be released to School Account.

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3. Online text books monitoring system:
1. Text books to be given as per Adhar validation.
2. DSE,TS,Hyd launched online textbooks monitoring system in their website.
3. User IDs, Passwords and website link is already sent though mail to MEOs on 4th.
4. Class wise, Title wise no. of text books received by the meos must be enter in website.
5. School wise, day wise distribution status also must be enter.

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4. SMS Based MDM monitoring system.
* School Headmasters Can send daily MDM Opted Students Strength through
- SMS to 8686873918.
* Send SMS in between 9.00 am to 12:30 noon only
* Example: 36090901704 TETS 178 MDMT 78
2. Out of 3267 schools only 200 schools HMs are sending regular SMS.
3.All the HMs of PS,UPS, HSs are informed to send SMS regularly. So, all PS, UPS, HS HMs should send the message to the above number.

5. Instructions on teachers online data.
1. All the MEOs are informed to verify the teachers data with pay bills and cadre strength. Online data hard copy forms submit to O/o DEO,WARANGAL Immediately.

"All the MEOs are informed to submit Teachers online data forms(already fed)
to O/o DEO,Warangal. and verify your Cadre strength and Vacancy particulars immediately.
If any Gaps inform immediately." Warangal Teachers Online Data Entry

6. MEOs not given the Status of VVs salaries.

7. Telanganaku Haritha Haram
1. Out of 174658 seedlings only 84644 seedlings only were uploaded these gap is because 16 mandals not started till now.
2. In march 1st week and MIS Coordinators meeting conducted in DEO Office, and May 16th also Instructed to All meos to complete haritharam uploading.

1. MEOs, after receiving the message from DZ-DMWRL should phone the toll free number and inform the action taken as instructed on April 15 the MEOs meeting.
2. Regarding DSE toll free, mail will be sent to MEOs and action taken by the MEOs should be submitted in Hard copy to submitted to APO

MEOs should submit teachers particulars who went to B.Ed.,maternity leave, long leave, directly to concerned section in the Office and not to Inward section.

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