Role and Responsibility in Vidyanjali-School Volunteer programme

Role, Responsibility in Vidyanjali - School Volunteer programme

Role and responsibility of Education Department in State
1. The Block Education Officer will be the Nodal Officer for the Volunteer Programme. 2. The BEO shall call for applications from the schools that are eligible as per the norms listed in para “Requirements of a School”. 3. The Head Teacher of the school shall apply online as per the form at Annexure 2.  4. The BEO shall prepare the list of schools that are accepted and shall upload the list on 5. The BEO shall peruse the applications received from the applicants for the VP and shall take a decision on the volunteers accepted, the school(s) they will be attached with, and the number of volunteers to each school. This process will be completed on the portal itself.

Vidyanjali,School Volunteer programme,co-scholastic activities implementation

6. Once a volunteer has been finalized for the school, the Head Teacher will receive a message (email or sms) with the name and contact details of the volunteer, the dates (period) for volunteering.

7. The Volunteer can go directly to the school where the Head Teacher will assist in orientation of the Volunteer.

8. During the time the Volunteer is working at a school, the BEO would try and meet with all the Volunteers at least once.

9. The school Headmaster would be required to provide oversight to the work of the

10. The school Headmaster will need to inform the SMC about the volunteers’ services at the school and take their support for the same.

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11. The headmaster will ensure that video/photo documentation of the Volunteers’
interaction with the students is uploaded on the web portal.

12. The school could organise an SMC meeting at the end of the volunteers work to acknowledge their contribution to the school.

13. On successful completion of the Volunteers work, the school Head Teacher would be required to fill a completion report on the portal. Based on the completion report the volunteer would receive a certificate of appreciation.

Role of State Governments
1. As a first step, each State Government shall identify 100 schools for the implementation of the pilot. These Schools will be selected based on the criteria mentioned at para ……..
2. State Government will organise an Orientation Programme for the school Head Teachers and the concerned Block Education Officers. The orientation programme will be on sharing the role and duties of the volunteers and the application process to be followed by the school.
3. The State governments will need to incorporate the information about the programme in the SMC training module.
4. The implementation schedule of the pilot programme will be until 31st December

Role of will be the technical partner for the implementation of VP. The team at will support all the digital requirements related to the implementation.
1. will develop the portal for this programme which will include the
a. The online application form for the Volunteers. b. The online application form for the schools
c. The mobile app version of the application forms for the programme.

2. The portal will allow for searching schools
a. Block and District wise.
b. By name of city, municipal corporation, block, gram panchayat
c. By geo-location.

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3. The portal would be able to generate a report and send a message to the concerned BEO informing them the details of the volunteer as well as the school selected.

4. Similarly through the portal, a message would be sent to the volunteer providing contact details of the school Headmaster and the concerned BEO to take the process forward.

5. Since any request for extension of volunteering will need to be done through the portal only. The portal will allow for Volunteers to submit their request for extension on their existing application.

6. The portal will have the facility for the Head Teacher and the Volunteer to upload videos, photographs of the activities conducted by the volunteer. Volunteer can share experiences through the portal.

7. On completion of the Volunteers’ intervention, the Head Teacher will be required to upload a completion report. This will generate an appreciation certificate for the volunteer.

8. The portal will be able to generate various reports of the programme for the use of State Governments and MHRD.

9. On the portal volunteers applying for the programme will be able to post their questions, comments and feedback. This will help in developing a FAQ document for the programme.

10. The guidelines for the VP will be hosted on the portal.

Funding for the programme
The programme will not cover any costs of the Volunteer including local travel. Incase of volunteers from the Indian Diaspora costs related to visa, air fare, boarding –lodging, insurance and others will not be reimbursed. Any expenses will have to be borne by the volunteers themselves.

In case the Volunteer organizes any activities with children, it would be desirable that they bring all the required material for the activity eg. books for reading; stationery for writing; toys for role play etc.
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