Teleconference on Phade Bharat-Bhade Bharat(PBBB)-Readiness Progrrmme in AP

Teleconference on Phade Bharat Bhade Bharat(PBBB)-Readiness Progrrmme

Teleconference through Mana TV on Phade Bharat and Bhade Bharat(PBBB), School Class Readiness Programme, School Partnership Prgogramme(Twinning programme), Sankalpam Monitorig programme. AP SSA SPD, Rc.No.19,Date:06-06-2016: Subject: AP SSA- Pedagogy- conduct of full day Teleconference Programme on 10-06-2016 on Phade Bharat and Shade Bharat (PBBB)/Readiness Programme on 10-06-2016 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm-Reg. in the Reference: Lr.Rc.No.4079/SSA/ A2/DEC/2014 dt: 28-05-2016

Teleconference,Phade Bharat-Bhade Bharat(PBBB),Readiness Progrrmme

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All the Project Officers of SSA and District Educational Officers in the state are informed that SSA in coordination with SCERT is conducting A full day Teleconference through MANA TV on 10th June 2016 an orientation programme to MEOs, School Complex HMs, HMs of PS,UPS and HSs, CRPs and Sectoral officers of DPOs on the following activities on 10-06-2016 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

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1. Children Achievement levels in NAS,AAS and ASER
2. Implementation of 45 days Readiness Progrrmme(PBBB)
3. School Partnership Prgogramme (Twinning programme)
4. Sankalpam Monitorig programme
5. Other initiatives from SCERT

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In view of this, all the DEOs and POs of SSA in the state are requested to instruct the following officers to attend the teleconference on 10-06-2016 at their respective centers from 10.0 AM to 4.0. PM without fail.
All the HMs of High Schools and UP schools, Primary Schools ·
All the HMs of Aided and Recognized High Schools in the state er All the Dy.EOs and MEOs in the state
All the Sectoral officers of DPOs in the state.
Teleconference on Phade Bharat-Bhade Bharat(PBBB)-Readiness Progrrmme
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